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Don Martin Pinedo AcunaDon Martin Pinedo Acuna was born in the Andean community of Paccopata, raised in Paruro (Cuzco). He was the apprentice of the famous Don Benito Corihuaman who is still considered to be the “greatest Altomesayak” in South America. After Don Benito's death, Don Martin inherited his mesa, his knowledge and wisdom.

Don Martin resides in the village of Huasao, Peru where he performs daily coca leaf readings, healings and ceremony for his local community and people from abroad. He is the keeper of the sacred mountain, Apu Pachatusan (where the Earth dances), the main Apu (mountain spirit) of the city of Cuzco.

His special gift comes through the eyes, wings and energy of the Condor. Don Martin was 10 years old when first visited by the Condor. His work with healing stones, the Earth honoring ritual (Despacho) and flute playing is legendary. Don Martin is married to Maria Sanchez, the granddaughter of Don Melchor Deza, a powerful shaman from Huasao, and also the niece of Don Benito Corihuaman. Don Martin holds the highest ranks in Andean Shamanism as Alto Misayoc, practicing Andean medicine for over 25 years.

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