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Helping you navigate through transformative times; to make the needed course corrections to bring you into alignment with your soul's calling and destiny.

Private Sessions With Alison

If You Are...


  • Spiritually awake and aware, have already done a lot of personal work and so you know there is more for you to open and expand into at this time on Planet Earth.

  • Ready for a deeper, more cohesive experience of yourself, so you can play your best role in the Great Shift of the Ages


  • Feeling free to be and do what brings you joy

  • Being your most authentic, creative, and powerful self

  • ​Knowing how to reconnect with divine love and support at any time

  • Having confidence in your intuitive wisdom and guidance

  • Seeing yourself and others with greater compassion, understanding, and acceptance

  • Having clarity about your spiritual path and purpose

Words of Gratitude

“Alison held my hand to guide me into that part of my Self that I dared not go alone.  I feel empowered and prepared to take the next part of my journey.” Debra, Teacher

"Working with Alison was a true gift of growth and healing. Her shamanic abilities and deep empathy created a space for me to uncover insights about my life that had been evasive. Throughout the process, I felt intensely supported and cared for. She helped to restore a sense of personal power and self trust. Alison's heartfelt coaching has been an immeasurable boon to my personal path." - Pierce, Writer

“I can’t believe how powerful working with Alison has been for me.  Confidence has been a problem in the past and with every session I can feel this energy growing inside and it is just getting stronger and stronger.” Lois, Massage Therapist

During my sessions with Alison I feel like I am witnessing the evolution of myself – my soul – and it changes everything.  I am thankful for the opportunity to dance on this green earth one more day…everyday.  I feel full.  I am developing clarity like I have never experienced in myself before.  Clarity with my voice and holding my ground, seeing the world with evermore love and trust and acceptance..” Tressa, Psychotherapist

“I appreciated being heard and the heart-centered guiding that Alison skillfully provided, the speed in which we reached the core issues and how well-prepared she was in knowing how to turn it around.” Jean, Reiki Master

"I reached out to Alison when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She coached me for three months post surgery, guiding me on self care and to understand what this cancer was trying to teach me and what my dreams were communicating. She gave me some important tools, and I can’t express enough how important they have become in my self care. If you are looking for a life coach look no further!! You will not be disappointed." - KM, Nurse

"I came to Alison for guidance in feelings of grief, loss and multiple transitions, and no sense of belonging. She led me on an intense and powerful journey of self-discovery that put the parts of my life into a bigger perspective. There is a new peace and harmony I feel, my dreams are more vivid and meaningful, and my business has grown and expanded. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for an empathetic, caring coach who will guide you at your own pace, who will meet you where you are, that you begin with a conversation with Alison. Be prepared to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. The journey is definitely worth it." - Beth R., Nurse

 Course Correction Package


Package of 3 Sessions

Clearing and Balancing of your energy system

Strengthening Connection with your Guidance and Support

Realignment with your Soul's Journey


Cost $555

**Sessions are done distance through Zoom or phone​.  Contact me at to arrange alternate payment options. Once payment is received I will email you within 24 hours to schedule your sessions. Thank you!**

PLEASE NOTE: Distance sessions are now covered by my Professional Association, Academy of Naturopaths and Natrotherapists. "Members may provide remote health care (by telephone or any other means of telecommunication) and issue a receipt for these services when both the therapist and the client are in Canada."



About Alison

Alison's life and work bridges cultures and paradigms. After completing a doctorate in Family Relations and Human Development (University of Guelph), and training in trauma treatment and energy medicine modalities, she was certified by the Four Winds Lightbody School as an Energy Medicine Practitioner (2006) and Dying Consciously Trainer (2009). In 2019 Alison was certified as a Forest Therapy Guide (Global Institute for Forest Therapy). 

A quest for healing wisdom led her to Eastern philosophy and practices, ancient mystery school teachings, and Peruvian and Celtic shaman traditions.  she studied with indigenous elders from North and South America, Africa and the Mayalands. Alison's perspective is holistic, eclectic, and solidly balanced on psychological, spiritual, and somatic foundations.

With more than 25 years in the human services arena, Alison has helped countless children and adults find peace, freedom, meaning and purpose, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.


Mary Power

This work feeds my whole being in a way nothing else has. I am amazed at the depths the sessions take me, and I've learned and experienced a lot, but nothing like this.   

Marie Shea

The sessions brought me places I've never been with such clarity. I’ve noticed a beautiful shift; I feel peaceful, calm, love and gratitude for everyone and everything: I am excited about the magical changes that will take place.

Michelle Snow

What a what a homecoming this has been in every way.  My perspective about this world changed, my relationship with Mother Nature has changed and opened up. It truly is magical.

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