Re-connect to your Feminine Wisdom and Power and bring your greatest gifts to the world.

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Dreaming Course

Starting Tuesday, April 7th


A deeply intimate story of divine feminine awakening that will inspire and help you recognize the mythic nature of your own life's journey and your interconnection with all of nature.


Alison has released her new book, Return to Pangaea. For more information click the button below or click "buy now" to purchase directly from Amazon.



Awakening & Activating  Feminine Wisdom & Power


Reconnecting with our Sacred Earth



Taking the Alchemical Journey of Transformation\


The teachings Alison shared validates so much of what I have already known, somewhere. I cannot express the confidence it has given me to proceed with courage and strength and love of this earth. 

Tressa Porter  



Get Smart(er) While You Sleep – Connecting in and Learning from Your Dreams with Dr Alison Normore

Alison's Interview on the Peacemakers Summit with Host Janet Stanley.

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