Introduction to Shamanism Course

Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World into Being

with Alison Normre, Ph.D.

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A world...


We live in a masculine-dominated culture that cultivates language, logical and analytical reductionist thinking, emphasizes competition and independence, and values material success and social status. In such a society we have learned to devalue the feminine qualities of nurturing, feeling, relationship, creativity, community and caring. We have been taught to distrust our imagination and intuition and all that which cannot be
seen with the five senses. We have been encouraged to ignore our soul longings.

We have, quite literally for millennia, been cut off from half of our true
essence, with most of us not aware that it had been missing in the first place.


Until this lifetime.

You are here on this blue-green planet at the time of the Great Feminine Awakening. You carry Her imprint and are here to birth Her back into our collective consciousness.

But you feel fragmented and uncertain where and how to bring Her back; and in spite of your abundance and busyness, strangely empty! I know. 


The abuse of women, children and the elderly, the devastation of our planet home, and the insidious permanence of war, dis-ease, addiction and depression, is a direct result of this imbalance.

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The scale to which it is happening now leaves you feeling profound sadness, confusion and powerlessness. I know. It does for me, too.

​You doubt your own truth; you doubt your own creative power and spiritual wisdom. You do not feel safe to be fully and truly yourself in the world. You learned long ago to hide your abilities and to stifle your power. And you did this so well, that your power is even a mystery to you. Deep within your psyche are memories of being persecuted for your skills as priestess, healer, wise one. And whether you know it or not, you are very likely still carrying this fear and betrayal in your body. Every person alive on this planet today is carrying this.

And yet, how could it be that now, more than ever, you cannot deny the call you feel to:

  • ​Play your part in awakening and renewing the connection to the feminine

  • Connect to nature’s regenerative power

  • Bring balance to the Earth and to humanity.

You’ve felt this call rising within you.

You’ve felt the pull to slow things down, to cultivate your inner awareness and knowing. To awaken and own your natural gifts and abilities. To reconnect with Nature’s power and wisdom. And to restore wholeness within so you can radiate that cohesiveness to a fragmented world.

If you’ve been in my Moon Circles or read my book, Return to Pangea, or taken any other trainings with me, you’ll know that the way of the shaman pulled me in when I needed it most. When I had these longings, too.

“From the beginning I’m fascinated and excited by the shamanic cosmology that is inclusive of the feminine aspects of divinity, and acknowledges the sacredness of the natural world. Although so much of the work is new, it is also known in a deep place of memory. Many of the classmates I work with that week also feel oddly familiar, like we’ve met one another before.”


How did training in shamanic practices help me find my footing? 

I learned that shamanism serves as a doorway to raising our consciousness through a resurrection of feminine ways of knowing and being. I came to understand that shamanism refers to the knowledge and practices of our indigenous ancestors who saw the spirit in all things; that this spirit in all things is the dreaming soul of Nature, the original dreamer who brought all life into being. 


I reconnected to the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors who knew they were a part of everything they saw; they were not separate. Who knew the importance of being in harmonious relationship with all the realms of earth and sky; the ways we have forgotten. 

I came to experience the shaman as a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds, with an ability to see beyond the surface of things.

I was drawn into the role of shaman as mapmaker of the invisible worlds. She knew the power of the dream, how to navigate in the dreamtime, how to travel outside linear space and time to look deep into the mystery, and how to change the dream and create a new reality. 

Humanity has survived because of these abilities; and I feel deeply that we are on a trajectory to perish if we don’t reclaim our connection to them.

Above all else, shamanism reminds me that we are, in essence, dreamers too. And that it is in our ability, in your ability, to dream a new world into being. 

If you’re seeing yourself in these words, if you are getting tingles or shivers as you engage with this page, then this ancestral wisdom is calling out to you. It is asking to be awakened and cultivated through you so you can reclaim your power to dream a new world into being for all your relations now, and for the generations to come.


The Introduction to Shamanism Course

Reclaim Your Feminine Gifts and Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World into Being

In this course you will:

  • Learn the maps and tools to navigate in the shaman’s universe

  • Receive practical tools to care for and maintain your vibrant luminous energy field for your safety and protection

  • Learn the shaman’s practices for enhancing connection to the forces of creation

  • Learn indigenous ancestral ways of sourcing from Nature

  • Remember yourself as the powerful dreamer you are

During our time of co-creation you will: 

  1. Realize your place in the Cosmic plan of creation and your role in the awakening of the Divine Feminine in the evolution of planetary consciousness, moving you to desire to play, explore and express your gifts. 

  2. Recognize how the losses and traumas of the past have served your soul’s evolution so you can move from feeling wounded and invisible to knowing your true value and worth. 

  3. Source directly from Nature and the elemental realms so you begin to remember your dreams, feel nurtured, cohesive and ‘enough’, and never feel lost or alone again. 

  4. Activate your multidimensional awareness and ability to quickly and easily shift what no longer serves you and begin to use your power to create a new reality, rather than feeling powerless and helpless in the face of collective drama and chaos. 

  5. Receive the shamanic rites of initiation that help you shed the past, connect with the forces of creation, and walk with certainty and safety in the world so your whole and authentic self feels safe to shine.

  6. Experience deep and lasting connections to others on a similar spiritual path, to a community of soul mates, with whom you will feel truly seen and supported by people who ‘get’ you.


This course is for you if you feel this call and...

  • You are ready for a deeper, more cohesive experience of yourself, so you can be the change you desire to see in the world.

  • You are spiritually awake and aware; you have done a lot of personal work and yet know there are more levels to reach.

  • You have psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts that you are leaning into expressing more fully. 

  • You want to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with life; be in more in alignment with your calling

  • You are hungry for the tools to express your gifts

  • And, you are drawn to earth-honouring wisdom and practices and you long to know more about them.

As you awaken to your right place in the universe and remember how to source directly from Nature, you begin to let go of the past and your cultural conditioning and transform your relationship to your feminine wisdom and gifts.


You begin to relax in knowing you are safe, to be all of who you are; setting your inner child free to play in the Garden of Life.

And you remember the dreamer you are and the power you have to create a new world.


What’s Included

Nine 90-minute classes delivered weekly via Zoom video conference


  1. Becoming a Dreamwalker in the Shamanic Universe

  2. Expanding your Consciousness with Animistic Practices

  3. Dreaming in the Field of Creation with the Medicine Wheel

  4. Living from your Multidimensional Nature

  5. Walking through Crisis with Peace, Beauty and Magic

  6. Navigating the Spiritual Realms with Journeying

  7. Claiming the Legacy and Support of your Ancestral Lineage

  8. Discovering your Destiny though Initiation Gateways

  9. ReWeaving Yourself into the Web of Life with Ritual and Ceremony


A Signed Copy of Alison Normore’s book, Return to Pangaea: A

Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots

Return to Pangaea is a story that inspires the reader to recognize the mythic nature of their unique life journey, and spiritual interconnections with all of life. While it may be told from the circumstances and experiences of the author’s life in particular, it offers a universal and far-reaching message. It is the hero’s journey of the divine feminine; as the lost feminine sets out on an adventure from a disconnected place and arrives back to a place of spectacular natural beauty and ancient wisdom that only open eyes could see, and a mind and heart made wiser could understand. Alison’s journey back to her roots will confirm your own mystical experiences. It will prepare your eyes, your mind and your heart to receive all of life’s gifts as the doors to the wisdom and sacredness of the natural world are thrown wide open.  

Return to Pangaea is a companion to this Course, and you will be invited to review specific sections of this book to prepare for our time together in class.

Membership in the closed Facebook group for students of Alison Normore’s shamanic training

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Shaman’s Care Kit

A bundle of healing & balancing goodies supporting your deep dive into the world of The Shaman

Kit Includes:

  1. One bottle of my Gros Morne Essences, intuitively chosen by me especially for you.
    These Essences were co-created with the plants, minerals, and nature spirits of Gros Morne. This natural balancing homeopathic remedy will aid your personal spiritual connection to Earth’s elemental energies and assist in the integration of your experiences during the course and in the days and weeks following.

  2. Palo Santo and/or White Sage for clearing your aura and space.

  3. One bottle of my Boreal Forest Elixir, use to cleanse your aura and space in ceremony.
    This is an exclusive formula I created from the boreal forest trees and flowers of Gros Morne.

  4. A Ceremonial Candle and matches.

  5. Fabric pouch, perfect for taking your ceremonial items with you anywhere.


Nine Experiential Invitations to Deepen Your Experience and Learning in the Course


You're invited to participate in weekly experiential exercises designed to provide you with immersive experiences and opportunities to play with the concepts discussed in each class. 

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A one-year subscription to Alison Normore’s virtual Moon Circles

Join me around the fire for monthly New and Full Moon ceremonies.

Moon ceremonies are rituals at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.  

  • At New Moons, we work with the Element of Water and plant the seeds of our prayers in the sacred field of creation where all potential resides.

  • On the Full Moons, we work with the Element of Fire to cleanse and renew our energy through the light of the flames.


Participating in Moon Ceremonies connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature; strengthens your feminine wisdom and creative potential, anchors and magnetizes your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth and offers a deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering with like-minded souls on a regular basis.


My Story: 
Reclaiming my Feminine gifts through Shamanism

A lifelong quest for answers to life’s greatest mysteries led me down many paths including academic studies, ancient cultures, natural healing, and feminine wisdom traditions. I earned a doctorate in human development, worked as a researcher, teacher, and then a play therapist for ten years. I suffered from chronic burnout but still didn’t know why or how to fix it. 


During this time, I was introduced to a teacher of Peruvian shamanic traditions. It felt like coming home. The teachings reconciled my confusion and longings and filled in the blanks of my own healing crisis. The shamanic path awakened the dreamer within and gave me the tools to create a life that was spiritually nourishing and sustainable. I was certified as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Dying Consciously Trainer, answering a call to help others awaken their inner dreamer and live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

Following the Ancestor’s messages in the dreamtime, I returned to my native and ancestral home in Bonne Bay, in the heart of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. It was a huge leap of faith that defied all logic, and so my adventure continues!

This story of my spiritual awakening and journey home is told in my memoir Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots. (Available in paperback and digital format from Amazon).  From my home in Woody Point I provide Moon Circles, 1:1 Transformative Coaching, Shamanic Immersion Retreats, Sacred Earth Journeys and Healing Practitioner Training. 

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Janice Skiffington


“Your teachings are so powerful and so beautiful. I always utilize my ‘love’ vibration meter to measure any activity I participate in and this measures quite high!  I feel spiritually nourished by it all.”


Debra Jones
Reiki Master

“I will remember the connection I felt with others and the personal life-altering experiences. I received confirmation of my healing path and personal journey. My work and clients have benefited from these teachings. It has accelerated my journey to enlightenment. Thank you for being open and caring about each of our own journeys." 


Michelle Snow


 "This time has felt so magical and special, a time of honoring, my perspective about this world changed, my relationship with Mother Nature has changed and opened up. This is a homecoming in every way."




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