Waking the Dreamer: Am I a Shaman?


July 21 – August 18, 2020

In this exclusive LIVE online training you will learn:

 SESSION 1:  What Shamanism is & How to Know if You’ve Been Called to a Shamanic Path

The role of the Shaman, and the medicine they use; plus signs you have been called to a Shamanic path.


 SESSION 2:  Animism and Unifying Power of the Heart

Understanding animism, duality consciousness, power loss, and how to bring duality into harmony.


 SESSION 3:  Multidimensionality & Journeying

Understanding the multidimensionality of the spirit worlds and the importance of navigating them safely.


 SESSION 4:  Ritual

Understanding why and how to use ritual to build relationship with the more than human world.


SESSION 5: Discover your Inner Shaman

Receive the Healers' initiation rite.


Ongoing Support

You’ll also receive ongoing support in a private Facebook community, a generous discount on my online course, and so much more!

Let your soul speak.

There’s no denying the evidence that we live in a culture out of balance with nature, with our inner wisdom and with the wisdom of our ancestors.

This time around, in this body, in this lifetime, you know it’s time to make new choices; for your own life, for the lives of your descendants, and for the lives of all beings on this planet.

It starts with seeing through new eyes, feeling with new senses, and questioning everything you’ve been told about “how things are”.