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Assisting the Dying: What Practitioners Need to Know to be of Greatest Service at this Sacred Time of Life


Today many helping professionals feel frustrated by the limits of their knowledge in the dying process, and many feel trapped by organizational rules and procedures that dictate the kinds of services they can give their clients at this sacred time.

I know that if you are one of these helping professionals, then every cell of your body knows there is more you came to do and to be in this lifetime. And that every circumstance to work with the dying and their families is like a knock at the door of your awareness, inviting you to more fully express your healing gifts in the world. And these knocks keep coming. And they’re getting louder.

But these knocks also activate your fear of becoming visible and expressing your inner truth, and the doubt in your mind about your ability to do what is needed--all of which you’ve managed to keep suppressed, very well thanks … until now.

What you may or may not know, is that your soul is drawing these situations to you so you can remember.


What it’s costing you to remember 

What I know about you is that your lifetimes of suppressing and denying your deep yearning to do and be more has exacted its price on your body, mind and spirit. It may be expressing itself as chronic indecision, keeping you stuck at important crossroads. It may be expressing as food issues or eating disorders, which are physical manifestations of inability or unwillingness to nourish one’s spirit. For me, it has manifested as diabetes and chronic burnout. 

It’s not easy to act on your rememberings

In the west, death is largely institutionalized and medicalized. This too often constrains what professionals can do to support the natural process of death, and bring sacredness back to the dying and their families.

Our cultural denial and fear of death contributes to the conflict and discomfort we all feel, and that often surrounds the death bed. Ancient spiritual wisdom is set in contrast to the western medical perspective. This is why you feel torn between the truth of your inner knowing and caring, your feminine gifts, and your desire to be useful and act on those knowings in a culture that does not validate those truths. These are the worlds you feel called to bridge, but don’t yet know how to do.


However this inner conflict is manifesting in your individual physical being, know that this conflict is your clarion call to step into a fuller expression of your wisdom and gifts as a healer; and to respond to your inner knowing.

You need help to remember the ancient wisdom and skills, and to reconnect to the sacred knowledge to which you once had access. I have heard your yearning. I’m responding with this offering.

Is this offering for you?

This experiential, hands-on training is for you if you are a health or healing practitioner whose work puts you at the bedside of those who are dying, or if you are called to assist people at the end of life, yet find yourself stuck and powerless to provide the help that you know is most needed at this time of life. 

The training involves literal, mythic and energetic techniques and processes that affirm the sacredness of life and death. It offers hope and practical, easy to follow steps to help the dying pass with dignity and peace. It is for you if you know there is more you can do to help the dying and their loved ones, yet are constrained by your current job role or skills. 

Reconnecting with the sacred is the bridge

The Great Death Rites practiced by the shamanic traditions provide timeless wisdom, as well as the specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying.  The message of this training is that we can come to the end of a life with grace. It teaches how to make the journey to death in a peaceful manner, full of light.  

Around the planet, people are awakening to their greater gifts and purpose in this life. If you’ve come to this page and are still reading this, I know you, too,  have an inkling of remembrance of these ancient wisdom traditions. 

At this time, the world is experiencing the death of an old paradigm, its structures and maps of reality. We are part of an emerging new paradigm based on remembering eternal truths about life and death. This is a time of planetary healing and balancing of feminine and masculine ways of knowing--the next quantum leap in our personal and collective evolution. 

When a dying person retains his or her awareness after death, he enters the light easily. My mentor compared this light to the dawn breaking on a cloudless morning, a state of primordial purity – immense and vast, defying description.  


Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


The Training will Cover:

  • Ancient Wisdom on Death and Dying

  • The Mechanisms of Death

  • Sacred Space, Ceremony and Rituals 

  • Preparations for Letting Go

  • Final Rites

This Training is for you if you:

  • Are a nurse, doctor, social worker, hospice worker, minister or other professional who is called to be of greater service to the dying and their loved ones.

  • Feel constrained and limited by your current level of knowledge and skills, job role, or organizational rules and procedures related to the dying process. 

  • A healing practitioner who is called to expand your skills and knowledge to be in right relationship with your usefulness to those at the end of life, their families and friends.

  • Just simply know there is more you can do to assist the dying and their loved ones, to bring reconciliation and healing to everyone involved, but do not yet know how or what to do.


This Course Will Help You:

  • Hold the space for the dying and their families to talk about death and dying so they can have the necessary conversations to prepare for death.

  • Assist with literal considerations that help the dying and their loved ones come to the end of life with dignity and peace..

  • Understand the mythic and spiritual aspects of death and dying, so you can help offer the dying and their loved ones a deeper meaning that addresses their fear of the unknown at the end of life.

  • Feel confident using the tools and techniques that prepare the dying person to leave their body peacefully, and full of light.

  • Create safe sacred spaces for the person dying and their loved ones at the end of life.

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Other Benefits of the Training:

  • It creates inner spaciousness around your own fears and stories about death. Healing the past makes you feel stronger and more present to others, and to life and love, now. 

  • Practicing the symbolic deaths in the training prepares you for your own death. 

  • Making friends with death helps you keep your priorities straight, and your life in balance.  

  • Helps you to weave the themes of your life story it in a cohesive way that will validate and bring meaning to your own experiences of loss and grief.

“This training was exactly what I needed to help others in my work as a nurse, and also because it shifted my beliefs about dying. It was life-changing. I felt my soul belonged here.”

Cindy Fitzgerald

What’s included in the Course:

Meals and 2 nights accommodation at Killdevil Camp and Conference Center, a peaceful and relaxing oasis for spiritual renewal set on 42 acres in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. 


You will sleep in an historic 80-year old Lodge just minutes from the mouth of the Lomond River where it empties into Bonne Bay.


The Camp carries the energy of the thousands of school children who come here to play and learn each year, and the numerous art, craft, nature and music camps spanning its lifetime as a gathering place. You will feel deeply nurtured by hospitable staff who provide three traditional home cooked meals a day and will make you feel at home. 


The camp is set amongst the mountainous boreal forest of Gros Morne National Park where the famous salmon fishing Lomond River opens into Bonne Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Moose, eagles, owls, foxes and other wildlife can often be heard and observed on the trails around the camp.


I promise you will not want to leave!


We start Friday evening and go until Sunday afternoon, which gives you the supportive nature setting and spaciousness to process and integrate this important content. 

While some time is spent in Circle, sharing and learning together you will also work in pairs and in small groups with people who will soon feel like old soul friends. 

In keeping with traditional teaching methods of indigenous cultures, you can expect learning to be very experiential. Information and techniques will be taught through demonstration and practice so you can fully embody what you have learned in a way that will stay with you long after the weekend is over.  

2.5 days of experiential and immersive programming.

A Copy of Alison Normore’s book, Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots

Return to Pangaea is a story that inspires the reader to recognize the mythic nature of their unique life journey, and spiritual interconnections with all of life. While it may be told from the circumstances and experiences of the author’s life in particular, it offers a universal and far-reaching message about the spiritual realms, and the prevailing nature of love. The author shares her own story of love, loss and call to work with the dying, which will help the reader recognize and honor the truth of their own experiences.


Please note: Return to Pangaea is provided as a Required Reading task in preparation for the Retreat.


Dying Consciously Practitioner Certificate

This certificate program was developed by The Four Winds, an internationally recognized accredited trainer of Energy Medicine Practitioners. The course may count towards your continuing professional development requirements

Additional Resources on Death and Dying, including a reading list, videos, organizations and a list of worldwide Dying Consciously volunteers. 


Membership in the closed Facebook group for students of Alison Normore’s shamanic training.

During our time together you will learn:

  1. What ancient wisdom and modern science have to teach us about the process of dying. 

  2. Specific steps and tools you can use to assist people in their journey to and beyond death, and bring reconciliation and healing to the person dying and their loved ones.

  3. The techniques for creating sacred space and rituals for individuals at the end of life that help them and their families process their grief and loss.  

  4. The shamanic rites of passage that allow a person to pass peacefully, full of light.



Janice Skiffington

“This was the most unforgettable, meaningful and life-changing workshop I have ever attended.”

Ann Chaffey

“I liked the hands-on approach. It was such a deep spiritual experience; profound actually.”

Barbara Roberts

“I loved the easy pace, many practice sessions and lots of opportunity for questions and for processing.” 



$897 CAD

Includes lodging, meals PLUS a FREE one year subscription to monthly Full Moon Circles hosted by Alison Normore.

These are virtual circles using Zoom Online Meeting Technology.
Value $600.00 CAD

Early Bird Registration ends June 30, 2020

($1,097 beginning July 1 2020)

15% Harmonized Sales Tax included 


Newfoundland is the most easterly point in North America; an island steeped in rich cultural and natural history believed to be one of the four corners of the earth by the Flat Earth Society. Before continents collided and separated over millions of years, it was at the center of the supercontinent Pangaea. The training location is in Gros Morne National Park on the western coast bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It was designated a World UNESCO Heritage site because of its spectacular landscapes and pristine natural beauty, and the unique geological features which prove the theory of continental drift.  People have lived in this area for thousands of years and the spirits linger here still. Maritime Archaic people lived here at least 7,000 years ago as well as Paleo-Eskimos, Vikings, and beginning in the 1500’s Europeans came. All were drawn by its rich natural marine resources. The Paleo-Eskimo Dorset people were one such shamanic lineage.

Peruvian shamans visited Gros Morne in 2011 and conducted ceremonies with us in the mountains and sacred sites. 


Don Martin Pinedo Acuna, a traditional medicine man from Cuzco, Peru, called Gros Morne the “Machu Picchu of the North”. 


Before the last continental shift, Newfoundland was joined to Africa and so in 2013 I invited Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa of the Shono tribe of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to the east coast of Newfoundland to give talks and facilitate healing ceremonies. 


He was born a Svikiro, or traditional healer and a Mhondoro, one who is in constant prayer for others with a direct connection with the Ancient Ones. Mandaza also recognized this island as holding powerful potential as a healing center for the planet.  


About Alison Normore


Alison’s Story: A lifelong quest for answers to life’s greatest mysteries led me down many paths including academic studies, ancient cultures, natural healing, and feminine wisdom traditions. I earned a doctorate in human development, worked as a researcher, teacher, and a play therapist (for ten years). I suffered from chronic burnout but still didn’t know why or how to fix it. 

During this time I was introduced to a teacher of Peruvian shamanic traditions. It felt like coming home. The teachings reconciled my inner conflicts about spirituality and filled in the blanks of my own healing crisis. The shamanic path brought all the aspects of myself together, satisfied my mind and heart and gave me the tools to create a lifestyle that was spiritually nourishing and sustainable. I was certified as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Dying Consciously Trainer, and began sharing what I was learning in workshops in Ontario. 

Following the Ancestor’s messages in the dreamtime, I began offering Retreats in Newfoundland, and eventually returned to my native and ancestral home in Bonne Bay, now the heart of Gros Morne National Park. It was a huge leap of faith that defied all logic, and my adventure continues. 

This story of my spiritual awakening and journey home is told in my book Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots. (Available in paperback and digital format from Amazon).  From my home in Woody Point I provide monthly Moon Circles, 1:1 Transformative Coaching, Shamanic Immersion Retreats, Sacred Earth Journeys and Healing Practitioner Training. 

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