Moon Circles

Aligns Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Nature's Cycles

Strengthens your Intuition and Creativity and balances Your Emotions

Activates your Feminine Wisdom and Power


Connecting with the healing power of Nature

Feeling spiritually nourished and supported

​Harmonizing your creative, emotional and intuitive rhythms

​Being prepared for the energies ahead 

Connecting with the Circle from wherever you are

Having recordings you can listen to again and again

Moon Ceremony

Join Alison each month for Full Moon teleconferences using Zoom teleconferencing.


Details on how to connect to the ceremony will be sent upon completion of your registration.

Price: $25


We use Teleconference technology so you can participate by phone or through a computer or tablet.  Once you are registered you simply call or log on to the teleconference site to connect. 


A guided ritual to connect with the Sacred Field of Creation and a channeled Message from Grandmother Moon.  An open heart and mind is all that is required.  Usually one hour depending on the size of the group.


We meet once a month at the Full Moons. Click here for Ceremony dates.  All Ceremonies start at 6:30 pm Eastern, 8:00 pm Newfoundland Standard Time.


Ceremony aligns you with Nature's cycles, with the Sacred Field of Creation.  Healing power is amplified exponentially when we gather together.  We join the Great Circle with all those around the planet holding intentions for personal and planetary healing and transformation.


Ceremonies are recorded.  After the event you get a link to the audio. If you miss the Circle you can Listen or Download the MP3 recording.  You can listen to it as often as you like and let the healing energy and messages go deep into your being.


Light a candle.  (It helps you connect with the elemental energies of Nature.) You can use a drum or rattle if you have one, relax and get ready to connect with the Circle's powerful healing energy. 



I want to free what waits within me...

In those deepening tides, moving out, returning

I will sing you as no one ever has.  


Carolyn Seely-Mayo

These meditations take me deep very quickly and beautifully. The Circle holds and grounds me between moons and the messages are just what I most needed to hear.

Mary Ann Burrows

I notice my intuition is stronger.I love the connection I feel with the Moon and Sun cycles, and with the Galaxy. The circle feeds my spirit. 

Linda Earle

I was able to let go of something I'd held on to far too long. Now there's a calm strength I've never felt before. I feel rejuvenated!

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