May 29-31, 2020


There is an overall suppression of feminine wisdom in our world. We live in a masculine-dominated culture that cultivates language, logical and analytical reductionist thinking, emphasizes competition and independence, and values material success and social status. In such a society we begin to lose touch with the feminine virtues of nurturing, relationship, creativity, community and caring; leaving many of us feeling fragmented and empty.

No one teaches us how to develop our right brain which naturally is inner-focused, feels deeply and connects things into a greater whole with its attributes of intuition, emotionality and imagination. 

The abuse of women, children and the elderly, the devastation of our planet home, and the insidious permanence of war, dis-ease and poverty is a direct result of this imbalance. The scale to which it is happening now leaves many of us feeling profound sadness, and powerlessness.

Many of us doubt our own truth; we doubt our own creative power. We do not feel safe to be fully and truly ourselves in the world. We have learnt to hide our abilities and remind ourselves to withhold our power, knowing to not show our power. Deep within our psyche are memories of being persecuted for our skills as priestesses, healers, as wise ones. Many of us still carry this fear and betrayal in our bodies.

Yet now, more than ever, we are called to reconnect with and cultivate our inner strength and wisdom, which are rising up within each of us, bringing a wave of feminine consciousness to the planet.


We are being called to: 

  • Play our part in awakening and renewing our connections to spirit

  • Connect to nature’s regenerative power so we can heal the splits and conflicts within ourselves

  • Connect with one another, and 

  • Bring balance to the Earth and humanity

You’ve felt this call rising within you. You’ve felt the pull to slow things down, to cultivate your inner awareness and knowing. To awaken and own your natural gifts and abilities. To reconnect with nature’s power and wisdom. And to restore wholeness within so you can radiate that cohesiveness to a fragmented world.

Shamanic practices allow us to: 

  • Heal the wounds of the past, 

  • Source our power from nature,

  • Reclaim the spaciousness, protection and authority that is our birthright.


Shamanism is a doorway to raising our consciousness through a resurrection of Feminine ways of knowing and being. Shamanism refers to the knowledge and practices of our indigenous ancestors who experienced the spirit in all things. The ancient healers and mystics learned the importance of being in harmonious relationship with all the realms of earth and sky.

They knew they were a part of everything they saw around them; they were not separate.


The shaman was a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds. She saw beyond the surface. When dis-ease or dis-harmony manifested in a person or village, the shaman looked for the causes. Their rituals and ceremonies were designed to restore right relationship between the physical and spirit worlds, to heal the confusion and conflict, to create balance and well-being.


The shaman learned to navigate outside time and space, to perceive and look deep into the hidden nature of things, to look to the past to see the causes, and to look forward to see the potentials. 


Our ancestors survived because of these abilities and opened the way for us to be here nurturing, learning from and connecting with one another today. 


Today this ancestral wisdom is calling to be awakened and cultivated so we can reclaim the power to dream a new earth into being for ourselves, and for the generations to come.

The Introduction to Shamanism Course

Reclaim Your Feminine Gifts and Unlock Your Power covers:

  • The Shamanic Universe

  • Multidimensionality

  • Shamanic ways of seeing

  • Navigating in the Spiritual Realms

  • Shamanic Rites of Initiation

  • Reconnection to Nature

You will learn and experience: 

  • Deep and lasting connections to others on a similar spiritual path, to a community of soul mates, with whom you will feel truly seen and supported by people who ‘get’ you.

  • A new and expanded view of the Universe, that will renew your own sense of purpose and meaning for existence, as known by the shamans of old. 

  • The maps and tools to navigate in the shaman’s Universe in order to retrieve information for personal healing.

  • Practical tools to care for and maintain a vibrant luminous energy field that will keep you in good health.

  • The ability to consciously shift and expand your perceptual state; a core shamanic skill that allows you to function at a higher state of consciousness in any situation.

  • The shaman’s practices for enhancing connection to the forces of creation and sourcing from Nature that will help you live with greater awareness and power every day.


This course is for you if you are a woman who has felt this call and:

  • Is ready for a deeper, more cohesive experience of yourself, so you can be the change you want to see in the world.

  • Is spiritually awake and aware, who has done a lot of personal work yet knows there are more levels to reach.

  • Who may be feeling the effects of over-caring, poor/ or a lack of boundaries, and burnout. 

  • Has psychic, intuitive or healing gifts but often hides them for fear of being seen, yet yearns to be truly seen.

  • Feels unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life, wants to be more in alignment with yourself and your calling; knows something is missing but doesn’t know what it is yet.

  • Has experience of a greater spiritual reality through noticing synchronicities, receiving information in dreams, experiencing mysterious phenomenon, or some other spiritual awakening experience and wants to know what that all means or

  • Is curious about ancient cultures and what our ancestors knew about the meaning of life.

This course is not for everyone. It’s not for you if you aren’t ready for your life to change, or you’re not interested in spending time in nature, getting your hands, and maybe your feet dirty!

"I touched the clouds, and the land, and the Ancestors, and they touched me. I saw light everywhere, the sun's glistening jewels on the water, the fog and wind and rain held me closely and gently in its arms and refreshed me beyond words. I've returned home different, a better me, that is a fact."

Mary Power

What’s Included in the Introduction to Shamanism Course - Reclaim Your Feminine Gifts and Unlock Your Power?

Meals and 2 nights accommodation at Killdevil Camp and Conference Center, May 29-31, a peaceful and relaxing oasis for spiritual renewal set on 42 acres in the heart of Gros Morne National Park. 

You will sleep in an historic 80-year old Lodge just minutes from the mouth of the Lomond River where it empties into Bonne Bay. The Camp carries the energy of the thousands of school children who come here to play and learn each year, and the numerous art, craft, nature and music camps spanning its lifetime as a gathering place.


You will feel deeply nurtured by hospitable staff who provide three traditional home cooked meals a day and will make you feel at home.  The camp is set amongst the mountainous boreal forest of Gros Morne National Park where the famous salmon fishing Lomond River opens into Bonne Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Moose, eagles, owls, foxes and other wildlife can often be heard and observed on the trails around the camp.


I promise you will not want to leave!

​We start Friday evening and go until Sunday afternoon and pack in as much as possible during our time together. Past students have called what we do ‘plork’, or play/work! That captures the essence of what I’ve come to experience as ‘sacred play’. It is the work of exploring and cultivating timeless feminine wisdom practices that are actually innate and remembered from childhood, and part of our genetic heritage and spiritual birthright as human beings. 

While some time is spent in Circle, sharing and learning together you will also work in pairs and in small groups with people who will soon feel like old soul friends. 

​Much of our time will be spent outdoors in nature, walking on the trails, sitting on the spongy moss or tree trunks in the forest, creating your own ceremony on the beach or gathered around the fire under the starlit sky. There will be time for quiet reflection as well as deep immersion in the shamanic practices.

In keeping with traditional teaching methods of indigenous cultures, you can expect learning to be mostly experiential. Information and techniques will be taught through demonstration and practice so you can fully embody what you have learned in a way that will stay with you long after the weekend is over.  

2.5 days of experiential and immersive programming.

A Copy of Alison Normore’s book, Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots

Return to Pangaea is a story that inspires the reader to recognize the mythic nature of their unique life journey, and spiritual interconnections with all of life. While it may be told from the circumstances and experiences of the author’s life in particular, it offers a universal and far-reaching message. It is the hero’s journey of the divine feminine; as the lost feminine sets out on an adventure from a disconnected place and arrives back to a place of spectacular natural beauty and ancient wisdom that only open eyes could see, and a mind and heart made wiser could understand. Alison’s journey back to her roots will confirm your own mystical experiences. It will prepare your eyes, your mind and your heart to receive all of life’s gifts as the doors to the wisdom and sacredness of the natural world are thrown wide open. 


Please note: Return to Pangaea is provided as a Required Reading task in preparation for the Retreat.

Membership in the closed Facebook group for students of Alison Normore’s shamanic training.

A Recommended Reading List for the Shamanic Practitioner, a list of Alison’s personal favorite books and resources for those who enjoy reading and would like to learn more about shamanism and ancient wisdom traditions. 

Shaman’s Care Kit: A bundle of healing and balancing goodies to support your deep dive into the world of the shaman.

This kit includes:

  1. A bottle of Gros Morne Essence, specially chosen for you by Alison from the plants, minerals and nature spirits of Gros Morne. This natural balancing homeopathic remedy will aid your personal spiritual connection to the elemental energies of this land, and assist in the integration of your experiences during the days and weeks following the Retreat.

  2. Palo Santo and/or White Sage for clearing your aura and space.

  3. A bottle of Boreal Forest Spirit Water for use in cleansing ritual objects, spaces and in ceremony. This is an exclusive formula created by Alison from the boreal forest trees and flowers of Gros Morne. You will receive instructions for its use throughout the Retreat. 
    Hint: Some of these will be messy play!  


  4. Candle and matches. 

  5. All contained in a fabric pouch for travel convenience.

During our time of co-creation together you will: 

  1. Realize your place in the Cosmic plan of creation and your role in the awakening of the Divine Feminine in the evolution of planetary consciousness, moving you to desire to play, explore and express your gifts. 

  2. Recognize how the losses and traumas of the past have served your soul’s evolution so you can move from feeling wounded and invisible to knowing your true value and worth. 

  3. Source directly from Nature and the elemental realms so you begin to remember your dreams, feel nurtured, cohesive and ‘enough’, and never feel lost or alone again. 

  4. Activate your multidimensional awareness and ability to quickly and easily shift what no longer serves you, and begin to use your power to create a new reality, rather than feeling powerless and helpless in the face of collective drama and chaos. 

  5. Receive the shamanic rites of initiation that help you shed the past, connect with the forces of creation, and walk with certainty and safety in the world so your whole and authentic self feels safe to shine.

As you awaken to your right place in the universe and remember how to source directly from Nature, you begin to let go of the past and your cultural conditioning and transform your relationship to your feminine wisdom and gifts.


These are the very things you learned to keep hidden from yourself and others. You begin to remember who you truly are, a luminous, powerful and creative being; loved and supported beyond your imagining.


You begin to relax in knowing you are safe, to be all of who you are; setting your inner child free to play in the Garden of Life.


Lisa Loder

“The teachings have awakened my inner self and if I ask for help this amazing energy comes forth. It’s hard to put into words but with each class there were old blocks that I finally let go. I feel a sense of peace within myself. I didn’t want it to end. The work has changed my whole outlook, not just about myself, but the world.” 

Ingrid Ruhrman

"The power of the land and the ceremonies have touched me deeply. I am changed. Each day of the Retreat unfolded as a new experience set in the web of this vibrant land. Thank you for holding the space for me to be perfectly myself. I don't understand it, but it felt like home." 

Debra Jones

“What I will remember most about this workshop was the connection I felt with others, the personal life-altering experiences…  I got personal confirmations of my healing path and personal journey. My work and clients have already benefited from the teachings.  I feel it has accelerated my journey to enlightenment – Thank you!”


Includes lodging and meals PLUS a FREE one year subscription to monthly

Full Moon Circles hosted by Alison Normore.
These are virtual circles using Zoom Online Meeting Technology.

(Value $600.00 CAD)


15% Harmonized Sales Tax included


Newfoundland is the most easterly point in North America; an island steeped in rich cultural and natural history believed to be one of the four corners of the earth by the Flat Earth Society. Before continents collided and separated over millions of years, it was at the center of the supercontinent Pangaea. The training location is in Gros Morne National Park on the western coast bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It was designated a World UNESCO Heritage site because of its spectacular landscapes and pristine natural beauty, and the unique geological features which prove the theory of continental drift.  People have lived in this area for thousands of years and the spirits linger here still. Maritime Archaic people lived here at least 7,000 years ago as well as Paleo-Eskimos, Vikings, and beginning in the 1500’s Europeans came. All were drawn by its rich natural marine resources. The Paleo-Eskimo Dorset people were one such shamanic lineage. 

Peruvian shamans visited Gros Morne in 2011 and conducted ceremonies with us in the mountains and sacred sites. 


Don Martin Pinedo Acuna, a traditional medicine man from Cuzco, Peru, called Gros Morne the “Machu Picchu of the North”. 


Before the last continential shift, Newfoundland was joined to Africia and so in 2013 I invited Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa of the Shono tribe of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to the east coast of Newfoundland to give talks and facilitate healing ceremonies. He was born a Svikiro, or traditional healer and a Mhondoro, one who is in constant prayer for others with a direct connection with the Ancient Ones.


Mandaza also recognized this island as holding powerful potential as a healing center for the planet.  

About Alison Normore

Alison’s Story: A lifelong quest for answers to life’s greatest mysteries led me down many paths including academic studies, ancient cultures, natural healing, and feminine wisdom traditions. I earned a doctorate in human development, worked as a researcher, teacher, and a play therapist (for ten years). I suffered from chronic burnout but still didn’t know why or how to fix it. 

During this time I was introduced to a teacher of Peruvian shamanic traditions. It felt like coming home. The teachings reconciled my inner conflicts about spirituality and filled in the blanks of my own healing crisis. The shamanic path brought all the aspects of myself together, satisfied my mind and heart and gave me the tools to create a lifestyle that was spiritually nourishing and sustainable. I was certified as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Dying Consciously Trainer, and began sharing what I was learning in workshops in Ontario. 

Following the Ancestor’s messages in the dreamtime, I began offering Retreats in Newfoundland, and eventually returned to my native and ancestral home in Bonne Bay, now the heart of Gros Morne National Park. It was a huge leap of faith that defied all logic, and my adventure continues. 

This story of my spiritual awakening and journey home is told in my book Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots. (Available in paperback and digital format from Amazon).  From my home in Woody Point I provide monthly Moon Circles, 1:1 Transformative Coaching, Shamanic Immersion Retreats, Sacred Earth Journeys and Healing Practitioner Training.