Sacred Earth Journeys

We explore the sacred places of power in and around Gros Morne National Park.  We allow ourselves to be guided and informed by the ancestor and elemental spirits of this place so we can remember our true nature and wisdom.

The Magical Isle...

Once at the center of the super-continent Pangaea, the island part of this province is now located at the most Eastern edge of the North American continent.  This part of the world has powerful elemental energies, spectacular landscapes and pristine wild natural beauty.  And a special destiny on the emerging New Earth. 


For thousands of years Ancestors from North, South, East and West journeyed to and traversed this land and gather here still.  The Paleo-Eskimo Dorset people were one such shamanic lineage.  


The Institute of Ancestral Wisdom training programs and Sacred Earth Journeys give you a rare opportunity to experience Nature's power and wisdom in Gros Morne National Park and World UNESCO sites on the northwestern region of the island.  Newfoundland and Labrador calls many to its shores.  Is it calling you?

Please scroll down to find out more about our Sacred Earth Journeys. If you are having trouble deciding which journey is the best fit for you, contact Alison for a no-obligation consultation or to create your own custom journey. 

Mystic Mountain

At Equinox align and activate your highest potential on this guided shamanic pilgrimage to Newfoundland's ancient and unique mountains, the Tablelands and Gros Morne.

Whale Song

You journey along the whale migration route of the Great Northern Peninsula. In ceremony we open to contact with the whales and listen to their  messages. 

Celebrate Solstice

Gather in the heart of Gros Morne National Park for a weekend of remembering and deepening our sacred connections with Nature, to celebrate Life.

Susan Somerville

Alison is very skillful at weaving ceremony into everyday experiences. I came away with a renewed sense of self. Whenever I need a spiritual pick-me-up I remember the time in Newfoundland - magic! 

Russell Boulding

What a powerful and empowering experience in this sacred landscape.  My internal world shifts and realigns each time I am here.  

Ingrid Ruhrmann

Each day unfolded as a new experience set in the web of this vibrant land. Thank you Alison for holding the space for me to be perfectly myself. I don't understand it, but it felt like home.


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