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Being The Change

Noticing What’s New

I’ve been noticing what’s new. In the outside world, it’s a mild winter compared to the last three I’ve been here in Bonne Bay. Perhaps because of that, instead of feeling shut in and overwhelmed by the snow, I’m excited by it. A little shoveling is good regular exercise, better than a gym! I’m remembering how much fun snow was as a child, and I’ve been playing in the snow. My Christmas tree is still up. In the dark days of winter, the colors and lights make me feel good. I’ve been watching for the whales and seals, regular visitors to the bay this winter, not a usual occurrence. I feel their presence is a rare gift. And so do others. Its sweet to see how many people find their way to the waterfront to look and take pictures. They bring out the child in all of us.

As Within, so Without

Internally, things are shifting too. I’m feeling more peaceful, a little more spacious, a different quality of presence to my life. In the physical world, there’s been real string of home maintenance issues to deal with — roofing, plumbing, heating — the big stuff that affects quality of life. They could easily have sent me in a spin of ‘why is this happening to me?” kind of story, well I had my moments. Still, each issue has been an opportunity to notice all the ways I’m supported and capable.

I also had profound reminders as to where my beliefs are creating suffering and closing me off to new possibilities. That I can live in a warm comfortable house, for example! So after what felt like slogging up the hill at times, now I’m feeling pretty good about life. I’m the Queen of the Mountain! I made it. And the view looks pretty good from here, literally and metaphorically!

Lessons From the Road – A Review

I’ve reflected on what I learned. Not new lessons, but clearly I needed a refresher!

  1. It’s never too late to set a new course. Every morning brings a fresh start, and each moment a new beginning. Breathing consciously helps me stay present.

  2. Life is always presenting me with opportunities to shift my thinking, to open me to unimagined possibilities and new ways of being.

  3. Just because I believed something, perhaps for a very long time, does not make it true.

  4. Everything is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same, and that includes me and everyone else in the world.

  5. My mind clings to the illusion of sameness, sometimes despite evidence to the contrary.

  6. I am imprisoned in knots of my own making, and struggle, lonely and afraid (to quote the poet Rilke).

  7. I can decide in each moment to untangle the cords, shake loose the moorings from whatever has bound me, and set myself free.

  8. Freedom is a choice.

  9. There aren’t as many rules as I think there are.

  10. My mind is not the enemy, it’s a beautiful gift I can open again and again.


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