Waking the Dreamer: Am I a Shaman?


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In this exclusive online training you will learn:

 SESSION 1:  What Shamanism is & How to Know if You’ve Been Called to a Shamanic Path

The role of the Shaman, and the medicine they use; plus signs you have been called to a Shamanic path.


 SESSION 2:  Animism and Unifying Power of the Heart

Understanding animism, duality consciousness, power loss, and how to bring duality into harmony.


 SESSION 3:  Multidimensionality & Journeying

Understanding the multidimensionality of the spirit worlds and the importance of navigating them safely.


 SESSION 4:  Ritual

Understanding why and how to use ritual to build relationship with the more than human world.


SESSION 5: Discover your Inner Shaman

Receive the Healers' initiation rite.

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Let your soul speak.

There’s no denying the evidence that we live in a culture out of balance with nature, with our inner wisdom and with the wisdom of our ancestors.

This time around, in this body, in this lifetime, you know it’s time to make new choices; for your own life, for the lives of your descendants, and for the lives of all beings on this planet.

It starts with seeing through new eyes, feeling with new senses, and questioning everything you’ve been told about “how things are”.

My soul spoke and spoke and spoke.

Here are three videos, each with a piece of my story that led me to the Shamanic path. I’ve come to understand the synchronicities I speak about in these videos were my soul speaking to me.

This Free Training is for you if…

  • You see yourself in my stories

  • You’re desiring a deeper truth about who you are & why you’re here

  • You’re feeling an impulse to be more connected to nature; your own, and that of the natural world

  • You’re curious about what Shamanism is 

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What you get... 

  • 5 video trainings

  • Membership in a private Facebook group to share your experiences and deepen your connection with the material covered in the teachings.

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  • A discount on my 9-week online course “Introduction to Shamanism: Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World Into Being

"At significant crossroads in my life, unpredictable events led me to conclude there is something more going on than I can readily perceive."
~ Return to Pangaea, Alison Normore ~

What others are saying about Alison’s work

“I thought I wanted the knowledge, that’s why I registered for her Introduction to Shamanism program. What I got was experience after experience that changed the way I see myself as a part of nature; which has changed how I interact with, and in, the world.”

~ Catherine Mitchell

“The teachings have awakened my inner self and if I ask for help this amazing energy comes forth. It’s hard to put into words but with each class there were old blocks that I finally let go. I feel a sense of peace within myself. I didn’t want it to end. The work has changed my whole outlook, not just about myself, but the world.” 

~ Lisa Loder

“What I will remember most about this workshop was the connection I felt with others, the personal life-altering experiences…  I got personal confirmations of my healing path and personal journey. My work and clients have already benefited from the teachings.  I feel it has accelerated my journey to enlightenment – Thank you!” 

~ Debra Jones

A plea from Alison


"You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one."  ~ John Lennon

It’s always a choice.

One by one, by one, we are waking up to the fact that we are designed, and even destined for more; a better, healthier and happier world for everyone. We can reclaim and recreate our Paradise on Earth, or we can go the way we’ve gone before. At the time of Atlantis, we chose a technological path that was destined to destroy our miraculous living organic world. And now, at this time, we get to choose to move forward in a way that supports Life.

Creating a new world of peace, harmony, beauty and abundance for all is not a fantasy, a pipedream.  It is within our grasp to create, one awakened conscious person at a time. You are genetically coded and spiritually designed as a dreamer; you are here to dream a New Earth into being.

And it is my mission to awaken you to do so.

This is what the Shamans of old knew, and this is the ancient wisdom that is reawakening within you now. Shamanism is not about what you do, it is about how you see yourself, and your place and potential in the world. This is the shift of perception that changes everything. 

You are a powerful creator. You have abilities beyond your imagining. All That Is waits for you to remember, to claim your birthright. 

Shamanism gave me permission to show up in my life as Me, fully. It led me to reclaim my spiritual connection with the sacred in nature, to deepen trust in my intuition and imagination. All the things I’d learned to hide and dismiss in my childhood and throughout my academic life. The shamanic path awakened my soul’s desire to help shift our collective consciousness at this profound time of change and potential on the Earth.  And to choose a different path this time around.

If I have planted a seed within you, caused you to question your views of reality, inspired you to reach higher, to go deeper, to expand and become more of who you are, I have succeeded in my mission. 

I urge you now to pay attention to the signs you are receiving. The sensations you feel in your body; the images and stories of your nighttime dreams; the synchronicities that show up in front of you daily. Including this very page. This online course.

There are many paths and ways of showing up to support Life. Maybe this is the path you’ve been longing for too, and couldn’t quite name.

Will you join me in my life’s mission?

Are you willing to shift your old way of thinking about the world?

To choose Life?  

Are you willing to:
Reclaim your power to dream a new world into being for all your Relations and for the generations to come?

Dream a new world into being.

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