Waking the Dreamer: Am I a Shaman?


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In this exclusive online training you will learn:

 CLASS 1:  What Shamanism is & How to Know if You’ve Been Called to a Shamanic Path

The role of the Shaman, and the medicine they use; plus signs you have been called to a Shamanic path.


 CLASS 2:  Animism and Unifying Power of the Heart

Understanding animism, duality consciousness, power loss, and how to bring duality into harmony.


 CLASS 3:  Multidimensionality & Journeying

Understanding the multidimensionality of the spirit worlds and the importance of navigating them safely.


 CLASS 4:  Ritual

Understanding why and how to use ritual to build relationship with the more-than-human world.


CLASS 5: Connect with your Inner Shaman

Receive the Healers' initiation rite.

You’ll also receive ongoing support in a private Facebook community, a generous discount on my online 9-week course, and so much more!

Let your soul speak.

There’s no denying the evidence that we live in a culture out of balance with nature, with our inner wisdom and with the wisdom of our ancestors.

This time around, in this body, in this lifetime, you know it’s time to make new choices; for your own life, for the lives of your descendants, and for the lives of all beings on this planet.

It starts with seeing through new eyes, feeling with new senses, and questioning everything you’ve been told about “how things are”.

My soul spoke and spoke and spoke.

Here are three videos, each with a piece of my story that led me to the Shamanic path. I’ve come to understand the synchronicities I speak about in these videos were my soul speaking to me.

My Journey from Academia to Shamanism

Alison Normore
My Journey from Academia to Shamanism
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My Journey from Academia to Shamanism

My Journey from Academia to Shamanism

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I Dreamt my Way to the Shamanic Path

I Dreamt my Way to the Shamanic Path

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Past Lives and the Shamanic Path

Past Lives and the Shamanic Path

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This Free Training is for you if…

  • You’re desiring a deeper truth about who you are and why you’re here

  • You’re feeling an impulse to be more connected to nature

  • You’re feeling powerless to change the spiraling destruction of our planet

  • You’re curious about what Shamanism is

  • You’d like to explore these concepts again, with new eyes, new ears, and all your senses

Join the Shamanism revival.
What you get... 

  • I will host 5 live video training in Zoom.

  • You will have access to the recorded videos during the training. 

  • Membership in a private Facebook group to share your experiences and deepen your connection with the material covered in the teachings.

  • A Course Guide with prompts to integrate what you’re learning in the trainings.

  • Email reminders with an overview of each week’s content. 

  • During the last class, I will invite participants to learn more about my 9-week online course “Introduction to Shamanism: Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World Into Being” and offer a time-sensitive generous discount if they feel called to step into the course.


*The optional prerequisite for this training is a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can open one for this training specifically and close it right after if you wish.


What others are saying about Alison’s work

“I registered for the Introduction to Shamanism course because I was curious and I wanted the knowledge. It felt like the next aspect of the Sacred Feminine for me to explore. What I got was experience after experie