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Restoring our Sacred Relationship with each other and with

Mother Earth

Sacred Earth

Community Blessings

"Restoring Sacred Connections"


Join a Community Blessing Ceremony

Suggested Donation:  $20

Proceeds are donated to local animal welfare agencies, (HSI) Humane Society International, and/or PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

(Everyone is welcome. Contact the organizer if fee is an issue.)

There’s nothing as sweet as gathering together to leave everyday concerns behind, and step into the sacred. In the space of the sacred, we connect with Spirit, the invisible web of light, the great mystery.

At the core of Sacred Earth Blessings is the gifting back ceremony that comes from the Peruvian indigenous elders. Four hundreds of years, they have practiced Despacho, offerings infused with prayers to the Spirit that created the world and animates all of creation.

A Despacho Bundle

The Ancestral Wisdomkeepers of the Andes teach that this ceremony brings us back into right relationship with Mother Earth. The offerings are infused with the energy of gratitude and appreciation for what we have, and our prayers for what we desire for ourselves, our families and communities, and for all our Relations.

When we gather together in sacred space to connect with Spirit and dream of a peaceful world of beauty and harmony, we create a powerful portal in the fabric of space and time. We connect Heaven and Earth.

We open doors of communion with the Great Spirit and with our own Spirit, so to come into alignment with the forces of creation. As we lift our vibration with the energy of prayer, the world we live in is transformed because we are all connected, to each other, and to all life. We are the dreamers choosing to align and co-create with Gaia, the spirit of the living Earth.

What participants say:

"The ceremony was such a pleasure, and much has shifted within me since; I got the illumination I needed." Leah R.


"Thank you for a beautiful, heart-filled, vulnerable, open, supportive gathering that made us all feel at Home. Total magic. Together we can make this world a sweeter, dreamier place."  Tasha D., Owner of HOM Yoga Studio

"I feel so different from when I arrived. I am lighter and feel like I could run a marathon!" Brody N.

"The energy of the ceremony was unreal!! It totally shifted gears for us at the studio. Everything has just exploded in so many positive ways! I am incredibly thankful to you for guiding us through that. What a gift to build our community on such heart-based intentions." Melanie L., Owner of Circle Studios Yoga

Community Blessings

Contact Alison to Schedule a Blessing Event for you community or group

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Carolyn Seely-Mayo

These meditations take me deep very quickly and beautifully. The Circle holds and grounds me between moons and the messages are just what I most needed to hear.

Mary Ann Burrows

I notice my intuition is stronger.I love the connection I feel with the Moon and Sun cycles, and with the Galaxy. The circle feeds my spirit. 

Linda Earle

I was able to let go of something I'd held on to far too long. Now there's a calm strength I've never felt before. I feel rejuvenated!
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