Introduction to Shamanism

Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World into Being

with Alison Normore, Ph.D.

February 21 - April 11, 2023


One by one, by one, we are waking up to the fact that we are designed, and even destined for more; a better, healthier and happier world, that works for all of life. We can reclaim and recreate our Paradise on Earth, or we can go the way we’ve gone before. At the time of Atlantis, we chose a technological path that was destined to destroy our miraculous living organic life. And now, at this time, we get to choose to move forward in a way that supports life. All of it.


Creating a new world of peace, harmony, beauty, and abundance for all is not a fantasy.  It is within our grasp to create this; one awakened conscious person at a time.

This is what the Shamans of old knew, and this is the ancient wisdom that is reawakening within you now, leading you to read this page. Shamanism is not about what you do, it is about how you see yourself, and your place and potential in the world. This is the shift of perception that changes everything.


"You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one." ~ John Lennon

You are a powerful creator. You have abilities beyond your imagining.

The Intelligence that creates all of Life waits for you to remember, to claim your birthright. 

It is my mission, my soul’s calling, to help you remember.

I am inviting you to join me in my 9-week immersion into the foundations of Shamanism.

Introduction to Shamanism

Unlock Your Power to Dream a New World into Being

​I have curated my best content, experiences, and training to bring you this highly experiential sampling of what Shamanism is and how it can help you remember the power you have and the potential that lives inside you to dream the new world into being.


In this 9-week course, we will taste from the bounty of the following Shamanistic perspectives and practices: Animism, Multidimensionality and Consciousness,  Ancestors, the Cosmic Tree of Life (Medicine Wheel), the Rainbow Body (Luminous Energy Field), Ritual and Initiation, Journeying, and Dreaming.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the maps and tools to navigate in the Shaman’s universe

  • Receive practical tools to care for and maintain your vibrant luminous energy field for your safety and protection

  • Learn the Shaman’s practices for enhancing connection to the forces of creation

  • Learn indigenous ancestral ways of sourcing from Nature

  • Remember yourself as the powerful dreamer you are

When you play fully inside the container this course provides, you will:
  1. Realize your place in the Cosmic Plan of Creation and your role in the Great Shift of the Ages, and feel inspired to play, explore and express your gifts unapologetically.

  2. Honour how the losses and traumas of the past have served your soul’s evolution and move from feeling wounded and invisible to whole and essential to the Cosmic Plan.

  3. Source directly from the Intelligence that creates all of Life, wake your genetic potential and dissolve the story of separation for good. 

  4. Shed the past, connect with the forces of creation, and walk with certainty and safety in the world so your whole and authentic self feels safe to shine.

  5. Activate your multidimensional nature and remember how to use your power to create a new reality.

  6. Experience deep and lasting connections to other Starseeds, Lightworkers and Visionaries with whom you feel truly seen and supported.

You’ll know you’re ready for this container if:

  • You have psychic, intuitive and healing gifts that you are desiring to express more fully.

  • You are hungry for the tools to express these gifts.

  • You are drawn to earth-honouring wisdom and practices and desire to know more about them, and

  • Your worst fear is not being able to fulfill your destiny and play your unique part in the shift of consciousness on this planet.


What's Included

Nine 90-minute interactive classes delivered weekly via Zoom video conference, deeply rooted in the Shamanic practices of sacred space, community, and co-creation.

Each class includes a teaching element, an initiation or journey, group work, and an opportunity to connect with course participants in an after-class circle. 

Session 1

Your Place in
the Creation

Session 4

 Embodying the Medicine from
a Journey

Session 7

Illuminating Your Multidimensional Capacity

Session 2

Dreaming in the Field of Creation with the Cosmic Tree of Life

Session 5

Recognizing and Revitalizing Your Rainbow Body

Session 8

Dissolving the Story of Separation through Animistic Practices

Session 3

Waking Your Genetic Potential as a Conscious Dreamer

Session 6

Releasing Generational Imprints from Your Ancestral Lineage

Session 9

Weaving the Sustaining Fabric of Life through Ritual & Ceremony


Membership in the private Facebook group for students of this course

  • Share your experiences and deepen your connection with the material covered in the classes.

  • Ask questions and connect with Alison and your peers in the course.


A Signed Copy of Alison Normore’s book:
Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots

Return to Pangaea is a story that inspires the reader to recognize the mythic nature of their unique life journey, and spiritual interconnections with all of life. While it may be told from the circumstances and experiences of the author’s life in particular, it offers a universal and far-reaching message. It is the hero’s journey; as the lost feminine sets out on an adventure from a disconnected place and arrives back to a place of spectacular natural beauty and ancient wisdom that only open eyes could see, and a mind and heart made wiser could understand. Alison’s journey back to her roots will confirm your own mystical experiences. It will prepare your eyes, your mind and your heart to receive all of life’s gifts as the doors to the consciousness and sacredness of the natural world are thrown wide open. 

As a companion to this Course, you will be invited to review specific sections of this book to prepare for our time together in class.

shaman care package.jpg

Shaman’s Care Kit

A bundle of healing & balancing goodies supporting your deep dive into the world of The Shaman

Kit Includes:

  1. One bottle of my Gros Morne Essences, intuitively chosen by me especially for you.
    These Essences were co-created with the plants, minerals, and nature spirits of Gros Morne. This natural balancing homeopathic remedy will aid your personal spiritual connection to Earth’s elemental energies and assist in the integration of your experiences during the course and in the days and weeks following.

  2. Palo Santo and/or White Sage for clearing your aura and space.

  3. One bottle of my Boreal Forest Elixir, use to cleanse your aura and space in ceremony.
    This is an exclusive formula I created from the boreal forest trees and flowers of Gros Morne.

  4. A Ceremonial Candle and matches.

  5. Fabric pouch, perfect for taking your ceremonial items with you anywhere.


Nine Experiential Invitations to Deepen Your Experience and Remembering in the Course


You're invited to participate in weekly experiential exercises designed to provide you with immersive experiences and opportunities to play with the concepts discussed in each class. 

Image by 邱 严

A one-year subscription to Alison Normore’s virtual Moon Circles

Join me around the fire for monthly New and Full Moon ceremonies.

Moon ceremonies are rituals at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.  

  • At New Moons, we work with the Element of Water and plant the seeds of our prayers in the sacred field of creation where all potential resides.

  • On the Full Moons, we work with the Element of Fire to cleanse and renew our energy through the light of the flames.


Participating in Moon Ceremonies connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature; strengthens your feminine wisdom and creative potential, anchors and magnetizes your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth and offers a deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering with like-minded souls on a regular basis.


Membership in the Private Lightbringers Facebook Group


A sacred online community space for those who participate in Moon Circles and other Shamanic training offered by Alison Normore, PhD.

Make no mistake. You are here on this blue-green planet at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius on purpose. This is the time of the Great Spiritual Awakening that you came to be part of. You are here to remember that you are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, to reclaim your spiritual gifts and full capacities, and to midwife the emerging new way of living and being on the planet.

Join me in Dreaming a New World into Being


My Story
Preparing to be part of the Great Spiritual Awakening

A lifelong quest for answers to life’s greatest mysteries led me down many paths including academic studies, ancient cultures, natural healing, and feminine wisdom traditions. I earned a doctorate in human development, worked as a researcher, teacher, and then a play therapist for ten years. I suffered from chronic burnout but still didn’t know why or how to fix it. 


During this time, I was introduced to a teacher of Peruvian Shamanic traditions. It felt like coming home. The teachings reconciled my confusion and longings and filled in the blanks of my own healing crisis. The Shamanic path awakened the dreamer within and gave me the tools to create a life that was spiritually nourishing and sustainable. I was certified as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Dying Consciously Trainer, answering a call to help others awaken their inner dreamer and live happier, more fulfilling lives. 
Following the Ancestors' messages in the dreamtime, I returned to my native and ancestral home in Bonne Bay, in the heart of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. It was a huge leap of faith that defied all logic, and so my adventure continues!
This story of my spiritual awakening and journey home is told in my memoir Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots, which is included in your registration for the Introduction to Shamanism 9-week course. From my home in Woody Point, I provide Moon Circles, 1:1 Transformative Coaching, Shamanic Immersion Retreats, Sacred Earth Journeys, and Healing Practitioner Training.

Shamanism gave me permission to show up in my life as Me, fully. It led me to reclaim my spiritual connection with the sacred in nature, to deepen trust in my intuition and imagination; all the things I’d learned to hide and dismiss in my childhood and throughout my academic life.


The shamanic path awakened my soul’s desire to help shift our collective consciousness at this profound time of change and potential on the Earth; so we can choose a different path this time around.

I urge you now to pay attention to the signs you are receiving. The sensations you feel in your body; the images and stories of your nighttime dreams; the synchronicities that show up in front of you daily. Including this very page. This very 9-week immersion into the World of the Shaman


There are many paths and ways to show up for Life. Perhaps this is the path you’ve been longing for … yet couldn’t quite name.

Will you to join me in my life’s mission? Are you willing to shift your old way of thinking about the world? To choose Life?  Are you willing to reclaim your power to dream a new world into being for all your relations and for the generations to come?

From Past Participants

“Wow. Taking this course was like I came home to a place of comfort and ease with myself, my sensitivity and intuition. In the group, I connected with this vast reservoir of energy; I felt held and safe to express my deepest feelings. My heart and mind have been filled and nourished with the story of Sophia. It has awakened my dream life and how I walk on the Earth. It deepened my connection with my inner self, and with other people in the class. I am overflowing with gratitude for the confirmation of my intuition and deeper knowing. I see beautiful growth in myself, and my relationships are easier. I have more confidence in my truth, a stronger voice, and trust in myself. This experience has taken me further and deeper than I ever expected.”    
~ Bev Sharpe         

"I have taken Shamanic training with Alison before, and each time my learning goes deeper. Every time I watch the class videos again, I discover more. After this introduction course, I realized that there exists so much more beyond the veil, and so much support that I can tap into. This class gave me a whole new outlook on life. It seems like I’m on a different timeline to what I was before."  

~ Gloria Smith

"As a health professional, it is hard for me to work with patients and have a heart desire to do more for them but not know how or what to do, or be able to fully embody the ability to do more. I have found that Alison's courses gave me many tools that are useful in helping me center and be in a quiet place. That helps me in my work by getting out of my head and allowing the flow to take place."

~ Daniel Daigle

"It was a rich and FULL  OF CONTENT course. Alison was so generous with the Shamanic Kit and the gift of her book as well as the many extras. I have always searched out special spots in nature to be alone - perhaps natural for an only child. But this course has enhanced my love of Mother Earth and all my Relations 10-fold. We’re all connected is the theme I am going away with as well as the intriguing practice to access other worlds or levels of consciousness. Delicious stuff! Thank you so much." 

~ Doreen Regin 

"The class was amazing. Alison is an amazing Shamanic teacher. She showed me the power within me. I learned so much. I have taken other Shamanic classes, and this was the most information I ever received. I now have more confidence in myself, in my gifts, and I am empowered to follow my dreams. I will take more classes with her."

~ Marie Savage


Join the Class

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After February  5, $693

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