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Nourish and Restore Our Spiritual Selves

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Participating in Moon Ceremony brings our feminine gifts (for both men and women) back “on line” after generations of suppression. We get to strengthen, and learn to trust, our intuition (knowing without knowing how we know). We are able to heal and balance our emotional bodies, releasing a rich source of vitality, and to expand our creativity into its fullest potential. All these gifts are so needed now to restore wholeness, harmony and balance to the world. Our embodied presence and intentions are our gift back to Life, and benefits all our Relations and the generations to come.

Elevate Our Consciousness

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Engaging in ceremony activates higher brain capacities and rewires our programmed responses. It takes us out of the fight/flight survival level functioning and into our neocortex and prefrontal cortex functions. Those higher functions help us shift our perceptual state and access levels of reality that transcend ordinary time and space (3rd dimensional consciousness). We can leave the past behind, and step into the space of the sacred, the realm of pure potential, where all things are possible. 

Power of Community and Unity Consciousness

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When we gather with others who are called to remember ancient ways and wisdom, we connect with all those who have come before us, and also those who will come after us. We join in love of this Earth with all those around the world who also hold intentions for planetary healing and transformation. Ceremony amplifies and anchors our intentions into the multi-dimensional unified field of creation.


Being in the company of others of like heart and mind reminds us that we are never alone. This helps heal the wounds of separation and isolation, and reweaves us back into the greater community of life, as we remember that we truly are all One.   

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New moons are for planting the seeds of our desires into the field of creation.  Usually, new moon ceremonies are part of the courses I offer and not open to the public. At new moons I tend to work with the water element, the great connector and source from which all life emerges. At new moons you are invited to create a ritual of cleansing and planting the seeds of your intentions for the coming cycle. 

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Full moons bring things to light, and are about completion. When the moon is full you are invited to reflect on what your soul is calling you to release. I like to work with the element of fire to transform what no longer serves so that something new can emerge into our lives.  Full Moon Circles are open to the public, and I lead us in a journey to the heart of Fire. These encounters always leave me feeling lighter, more expanded, and breathing a little deeper and freer. 

Download and Listen

 After the event you get a link to the audio. If you miss the Circle you can Listen or Download the MP3 recording.  You can listen to it as often as you like and let the healing energy and messages go deep into your being. Here is a recording of a Full Moon Ceremony to give you the flavor of how I work. 


What you should Know

Who should attend?

Monthly full moon circles are ideal for beginners and experienced moon circlers alike. For those just beginning to explore feminine mystery traditions, I welcome you with open arms; you’ll feel like you’ve always been here. If you are returning to the fire, I look forward to seeing your familiar face.


We use Zoom technology so you can participate by phone or through a computer or tablet.  Once you are registered you simply call or log on to the teleconference site to connect. 

Circle Format

We start with a short overview of the archetypal energies of each moon, and an opportunity to check in. Then we move into opening sacred space and a guided journey to the Fire in the Sacred Grove on Full Moons. The Circles last approximately one hour and a half depending on the size of the group.


We meet once a month at the Full Moon. All ceremonies start at 6:30 pm Eastern, 8:00 pm Newfoundland Standard Time. Invitations to Moon Circles are sent by email.  Subscribe to my newsletter here.  Moon Ceremony dates for Fall 2022 are:

Sunday, October 9

Monday, November 7

Thursday, December 8

2023 dates will be posted in December 2022.


Ceremonies are recorded.  After the event you get a link to the audio so you don’t have to miss a single one.  You can listen to recordings over and over and let the healing energy and messages go deep into your being.


Light a candle and have a small piece of paper or wood to place into the fire. You can use a drum or rattle for the Invocation, if you have one.



These meditations take me deep very quickly and beautifully. The Circle holds and grounds me between moons and the messages are just what I most needed to hear. Carolyn Seely-Mayo

I notice my intuition is stronger. I love the connection I feel with the Moon and Sun cycles, and with the Galaxy. The circle feeds my spirit. MaryAnn Burrows

I was able to let go of something I'd held on to far too long. Now there's a calm strength I've never felt before. I feel rejuvenated! Linda Earle

The ceremonies help keep me balanced, non judgemental, and focused on strengthening my heart light when the shadows threaten to surround me. I feel so blessed by and thankful for the company of like-minded souls and that you share your wisdom and service in this way. Cathy Green

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I want to free what waits within me...
In those deepening tides, moving out, returning
I will sing you as no one ever has.  


I invite you to remember with me

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How the Moon connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature

How connecting spiritually with the Moon strengthens your Feminine wisdom and creative potential.

The power of Ceremony to anchor and magnetize your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth, 
The deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering in Circle.

Moon Circles are offered by Donation

To receive notices of upcoming Circles, make sure

you are subscribed to my emails. 

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