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At this time on Earth, and particularly during the autumn season, there is a heightened sense of death in the collective consciousness.  It is during the deep coldest days of winter that Nature draws back vital life force, rests and digests, waits to see what will make it through the barren time, and what needs to die in order to feed the next cycle. Out of death and decay, new life emerges.


Death calls and speaks to each of us in its own quiet ways of the cycles of our lives, great and small, and of the inevitable endings that must come.

Collectively, we are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a higher dimension of consciousness where a kinder, more just world will come to be. To be ready to hold this frequency, the old world and how it lives within each of us must die. 

This means also that the structures—political, economic, and social—and the beliefs and maps of reality that created them have to fall apart; they too must die.

Many of us have been called here to midwife this transition, and are called to ancient wisdom ways to activate this knowledge and fully anchor it in the field of creation of the emerging new world.

Prophecies also speak of many souls leaving the Earth plane during this turning of the Ages. This is amplifying even more profoundly our personal and collective survival fear and confusion about how to navigate a radically different terrain. 

Some of us are called to directly assist those who are dying, their families and friends, as a service to our global community. 

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Regardless of which call you are answering, you know this knowledge needs to be brought into your conscious awareness so you can play your part in our great transition.

Crisis or Initiation?

Everything we believe is being called into question, inviting deep investigation into our personal and collective truth. The issue of personal sovereignty, and to whom and what we have given our authority and power is coming ever more clearly into view. 

We are being forced to re-evaluate what we really want and what kind of world we can imagine. We are being invited to step into the role we know we came here to play in manifesting that new world.

We have an opportunity to expand our understanding of who we are and why we are here, to wake up and step into the 5th dimensional ascension timeline.

It is the time of choosing.  Will we choose love or fear? Unity or separation? Compliance with the forces within and without that seek to keep us enslaved at a lower level of consciousness, and destroy what is best and most beautiful about our Earth and humanity? Or say no, and step into our higher nature, purpose, and destiny as powerful creator beings?



The Opportunity                                                               

In our culture, death is institutionalized and medicalized. As a result of seemingly uncontrollable forces and circumstances, many people are dying alone without the comfort of loved ones, of spiritual support, or the possibility of a ‘good death’. 

While Nature shows us the beauty and grace possible in death, we know another death. One engulfed in denial and fear, conflict, pain, and suffering.

Without a deep understanding of our true nature, of the death process, of the opportunities that death presents, and of the tools to navigate this sacred portal; we feel fearful and powerless. We can’t properly support ourselves, let alone those we love and care for during their last days. We lose precious opportunities for healing and reconciliation, for soul growth and expansion of consciousness that we are being presented with at the time of transition.  



The emerging new paradigm requires us to remember eternal truths about life and death; about our origins and our destiny. This will allow us to reclaim our sovereignty and chart a new course forward--the next quantum leap in our collective evolution.  

Bridging the Worlds

The western medical perspective is set in direct contrast to ancient spiritual wisdom. To the Wisdomkeepers, death is the doorway into a greater reality; a transition to be navigated with sacredness and ceremony. They knew how to leave the physical realm consciously, with full awareness of what was happening, and what lay beyond the portal.

The Great Death Rites practiced by the Shamanic traditions provide timeless wisdom, and specific steps to bring reconciliation and peace during the dying process. The message sent to us from across the ages is that we can come to the end of life, or life as we know it, with grace and even excitement for the journey ahead. 

The ancient rites show us how to let go of the old, of what no longer serves, in a reconciled and peaceful manner, full of light. These rites hold the secret of conscious death that extend beyond what we have been taught. We need to remember how to approach these great portals between the worlds with celebration and ceremony. How we can loosen and shed outworn forms and move into more expanded states of enlightenment, joy, and bliss. 

The opportunity to serve our planetary ascension from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness is unprecedented, and of great priority now. These are the worlds the death work allows us to bridge, and those who are called to this ancient wisdom are especially needed now to step into this most sacred of roles.

This ancient knowledge is deep within us, yet we live in a culture that does not validate this truth. 


This Training is for you if you :


Are drawn to expand your knowledge as part of your service to life and the planet during this time of collective transition to the New Age, and, you are ready to respond.


 Desire to be in right relationship with your soul’s calling and purpose to bring this ancient wisdom of death into conscious awareness at this time.


Feel constrained and limited by your current skills, your job role, or by organizational rules and procedures affecting those who are dying, and know you are meant to do more to help.


Feel called to be able to support the dying and their loved ones, to bring reconciliation and healing to everyone involved.


Tuesday, November 5 at 6:00 PM Eastern, 
7:30 Newfoundland

Six 90-minute interactive classes via Zoom 

Death and Rebirth in the Spiral Galaxy

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During the Course you will learn: 

1.    How to cultivate sacred space within that will also help you navigate your own transition to the New World we are dreaming into being. 

2.    What ancient wisdom and modern science have to teach us about the process of dying, and the kind of psychological and emotional closure that is needed for a peaceful transition.

3.    Shamanic steps and processes you can use to assist people in their journey to and beyond death, and to bring reconciliation and healing to the person transitioning as well as to their loved ones.

4.    Creating rituals and ceremonies to help dying individuals and their families process their grief and loss at the end of life. 

5.    The shamanic rites of passage that allow a person to pass from one world to the next peacefully, full of light.

6.    Practices for distance energy work so that you can be of service even if you cannot physically be beside the one who needs your assistance. 

When a dying person retains his or her awareness after death, he enters the light easily. My mentor compared this light to the dawn breaking on a cloudless morning, a state of primordial purity – immense and vast, defying description.
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.​

Is this offering for you?

If you’ve come to this page and are still reading this, I know you, too, have an inkling of remembrance of these ancient wisdom traditions because you have walked this path before in preparation for just this time on the Earth. 

If you are called to this planetary service, you will feel a stirring within, a flicker of recognition, a knowing that is deeper than words can say. That was how it was for me. I knew there was something else I was meant to do with my life, but it hadn’t found me yet. And when the synchronicities and signs pointed me to shamanism and death work, it took a while for me to recognize and accept the messages. 

When the door opened wide, I was terrified, and argued with the messengers!  But I was becoming aware that my soul was guiding me and I was learning how to listen to and trust its prompting. The story of my awakening journey can be found in my book Return to Pangaea. You get a copy when you register as part of the required reading for the Course.

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As Part of the Course you will Receive: 

Front cover image.jpg

A PDF Copy of Return to Pangaea which contains Alison’s story of her introduction to the Dying Consciously work.


Membership in Alison's private Facebook group for Dying Consciously Practitioners


  • Share your experiences and deepen your connection with the material covered in the classes.

  • Ask questions and connect with others who have taken this training from Alison

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A one-year subscription to Alison’s virtual Moon Circles

Join me around the fire for monthly Moon ceremonies. Moon ceremonies are rituals at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.  


Participating in Moon Ceremonies connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature; strengthens your feminine wisdom and creative potential, anchors and magnetizes your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth and offers a deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering with like-minded souls on a regular basis.


Dying Consciously Practitioner Certificate

Awarded upon completion of the course. This training is a certificate program developed by The Four Winds, an internationally recognized accredited trainer of Energy Medicine Practitioners. The course may count towards your continuing professional development requirement. 


This Course will help you:


Feel more at ease and prepared for the dissolution and destruction of the current reality and the inevitable personal and collective losses that are a necessary part of the great shift.​


Make friends with death so you keep your priorities straight, and your life in balance.  


Open to the support of the invisible forces that bring protection, clarity, strength, and courage to stand in your own truth.·


Understand the mythic and spiritual aspects of death and dying, creating inner spaciousness around your own fears and stories about death. 


Weave the themes of your life story in a cohesive way that will validate and bring meaning to your own experiences of loss and grief.


Heal the past so you can be more present to life and love now.


Practice the symbolic deaths that are preparation for all of life’s transitions.


Be empowered with the knowledge and skills to help yourself and your loved ones who are dying to come to the end of life with reconciliation, healing, and peace. 

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“This training was exactly what I needed to help others in my work as a nurse, and also because it shifted my beliefs about dying. It was life-changing. I felt my soul belonged here.” Cindy Fitzgerald


"I liked the hands-on approach. It was such a deep spiritual experience, profound actually."  Ann Chaffey

“This training helped me so much in my work and helped me see things more clearly. Alison was very knowledgeable and created such a comfortable safe space. I'm feeling much more peaceful around death.Ruby Whalen

"I loved the easy pace, practice sessions and lots of opportunities for questions and for processing." Barbara Roberts

“This was the most unforgettable, meaningful and life-changing workshop I have ever attended. It is essential training for every human.” Janice Skiffington

"It was so life-affirming and hopeful, confirming everything I knew to be true. I loved the hands-on practice. This workshop is an experience I carry with me and share with many." Trudy Artman

We begin on Tuesday, November 5, 2024

6 PM Eastern | 7:30 PM Newfoundland


About Alison

With more than 40 years of experience in the human services field, a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Human Development and extensive shamanic training including certification as a Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Dying Consciously Trainer with the Four Winds Society, Alison is dedicated to the emerging consciousness of the sacredness of life, restoring feminine wisdom traditions and interspecies relatedness with all creatures, great and small.

"My mission is to share the ancient healing knowledge of our Ancestors that can restore our sacred relationships so we can dream a new World into being-one of beauty, balance and harmony with all Life. To answer Mother Earth's call to remember our divinity​, to lead with commitment, compassion, and creativity. I see our own healing and empowerment as a purposeful soul path and essential service to Earth and humanity. 

I am passionate about stewardship and co-creation with the natural world. I am a fierce advocate for peace and freedom for all beings, and for expanding our appreciation, understanding, and the potential of our place in the order of things. I invite you to join me."

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What You Can Expect

This experiential, hands-on training involves literal, mythic, and energetic techniques and processes that affirm and celebrate the sacredness of life and death.  

During these six live and interactive weekly 90-minute classes you will receive teachings and experience the energetic processes in group activations and initiations. 

In keeping with traditional teaching methods of indigenous cultures, you can expect learning to be mostly experiential. Techniques will be taught through live demonstration and practice so you can fully embody what you have learned in a way that will stay with you long after the course is over.  

You will receive a Course Guide that will include detailed explanations of Processes and Resources with space for your own notes. 

Class Guide Mockup.png



6 Weeks Starting Tuesday, November 5, 2024

November 5 - December 10, 2024
Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern | 7:30 PM Newfoundland

Course Fee $555
Early Registration $483 til SEPTEMBER 30


3 Payment Plan Available 

Payment Option
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