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All ancient and indigenous cultures have known that dreams are messages from the unseen realms. We used to know this. Our ancestors paid attention to their dreams. It was essential to their survival. Significant events were foretold in dreams, so leaders heeded the messages. There are indigenous cultures today who still consult their dreams before making important decisions. We are biologically wired to be in conscious communication with the sacred invisible realms. It is while we sleep that the veils between the worlds is thinnest, and when we can receive them.


You are being called

Whether you are receiving dreams regularly, or not, you sense that your dreams are important; that there is something significant coming through in your nighttime dreams that is relevant to your life, and maybe even for the world. This is your intuitive wisdom. This is your body knowing. Yet you don’t know what to do with these messages. And you’d love to be able to confidently decode their meaning for your life.

In today’s Western society, with its focus on the outer world rather than our deep and rich inner landscape, we’ve become disconnected from the larger truth about who we are, and about the purpose and meaning of our lives.  

That's why so many of us feel disconnected from each other, our ancestral roots, and even parts of ourselves — losses that contribute significantly to our feelings of personal and cultural isolation and loneliness. This isolation and loneliness that we feel is a symptom that we suffer from estrangement from our own spiritual and mythical nature, and from Mother Nature herself. 

Its cost? Too numerous to list them all. But among them are addiction, depression, anxiety, fragmentation, apathy, hopelessness, conflict instead of intimacy in relationships and loss of personal power. And for our beloved Gaia, devastating and escalating environmental destruction and degradation.

In contrast to our materialist culture, which emphasizes life in the external world, and the accumulation of things, money and status -- which only contribute to our sense of isolation and separation -- dreams connect us to the inner life, to what is invisible, intangible, and to something greater than ourselves. 
Dreams help us shift our attention to what lies below the surface of our waking life, to what we most love and value; to what brings meaning and purpose to our lives. In dreamtime we can remember the truth of who we are, and connect with our deepest longings. Our nighttime dreams offer a personal gateway into a rich and soulful life. 
It is time for rebalancing and restoring the power and wisdom of the sacred feminine on the Earth. The living spirit of the Earth, called by many names, is calling us now to awaken and remember our legacy, our greater purpose and mission. 

The Original Dreamer

The ancient Gnostic texts tell the story of a Creator Goddess named Sophia, one of the Godhead, who in her passion for the human she had dreamt, and in an unprecedented event steeped in great mystery, fell from the sky and became the physical Earth, a home for the human she had dreamt into being. She, whose name means Wisdom, infused the spark of the divine in all of her creation, and as the soul of Nature, is always communicating her knowledge to us.


We are at a pivotal point in our collective awakening, and Sophia is calling us to step into our rightful place in the creation. She dreamed you into being, and is inviting you into her dreaming. As you awaken the power of your dreaming self, you realize your capacities as a conscious dreamer. It is your destiny to become a co-creator with Sophia, the original dreamer and creator of this magnificent world.

How will you answer her call?

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Essential Gifts of Dreamwork

Dreams provide an intimate and direct source of personal guidance.

Dreams are a way to remember and reclaim your divine feminine legacy
Dreamwork is a path to restoring your power and wholeness

Dreams connect you to the soul of Nature and to the heart of Gaia

Your desire to understand
your dreams led you here

You don’t need years of training or formal study to benefit from the messages of your own nighttime dreams. All you need is a desire and a readiness to tap into their deep wisdom. This course offers you a foundation and the tools and techniques allowing you to access the hidden messages waiting for you. 

If you are called to remember how to engage with your dreams; to decode their messages and allow them to inform you; AND to connect with the soul of Nature, the animating life force of the Earth, this course is for you. It’s also for you if you are not remembering your dreams and you long to call them back to you. 

This course is an introduction to the essential role our dreams play in the creation story; both our own, and that of humanity. The benefits that come when you begin to pay attention to the messages of your dreams are exponential and deeply transformational.

Among these benefits are:

A deepening trust in your own Feminine wisdom

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A greater sense of embodied presence in your life, and

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More aliveness, wholeness and sense of belonging within yourself and in the world. So you can answer the call of Mother Earth, of Sophia

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To remember how you are loved and supported and

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To connect with her sacred wisdom and power

To play your unique part in the greater story of creation. 

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Dreamwork is a direct tether back
to the Sacred Feminine

Dreams are always inviting us back to feminine ways of knowing, to the intuitive and instinctual aspects of Self — that are often devalued, dismissed, or neglected by Western culture. In this course you’ll be invited to re-member and welcome back your more sensitive and creative aspects. 

Then you can remember the bigger story, how you are a vast being on a great mythic journey from the stars, called here by Sophia, the living spirit of the Earth. You have heard her call, know that your dreams are important and have significance to your life, and to all of the creation, and it has brought you to this page today. 

Dreams bring you into the hidden worlds beyond the conscious mind, into the domain of deep feminine mysteries. You’ll come to know how your body is the portal to your dreaming — and recognize how your feminine intuition and instinctual wisdom are priceless gifts, part of your birthright and ancestral legacy. 
Your dreams are a way the feminine soul of Nature communicates with you, calling you home, helping you remember that you are not alone. The dreams are always in service to your healing and greatest potential. The dreams speak directly to your heart and soul, using the language of metaphor and image. Decoding those symbols and integrating their messages is the art of dreamwork.

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Dreamwork is Soulwork

​Dreams can appear quite mysterious and impenetrable until we learn how to approach them and open to their messages. Then they spill their treasures. They can show you how to heal emotional and physical challenges, mend relationships, and ignite the sparks of inspiration and new possibilities for your life. 
You will embrace the orphaned and shadow selves that keep you from living fully from your heart and soul.
Healing your split from these parts of the Self can help you heal conflict in your relationships, and even illness in your body.  Dreamwork - when practiced well – can help you awaken to your true Self, to the others around you, and to the soul of Nature.  
As you recognize and open to receiving the medicine that your dreams bring, you will reconnect to your whole and authentic Self, and begin to live your life as the great mythic journey it is.

"There is an inner wakefulness that directs the dream and that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are"

- Rumi

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The Entering into a New Relationship with the Sacred Feminine through Dreamwork Journey

Over the course of six-weeks together, we will gather weekly in a virtual circle via Zoom Conference and take the following journey.


Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine Legacy

Learn how humanity lost its ability to dream, and how you can call back your dreams when they have disappeared. Set your intentions to reconnect with the source of your dreaming and receive a transmission to ignite your remembering.


You are the Bridge Between the Waking and Dreaming Worlds

By the third session you have experienced the benefits of your efforts to call back your dreams and are ready to engage in an even deeper conversation with them. You are inspired by the wisdom and guidance that has already emerged through your dreamwork and are motivated to delve deeper into your new dreamwork practice.


There’s no such thing as an unimportant dream!

How you approach your dreams matters. In this class we dance with the DreamMaker/Great Mystery herself. You learn essential tips to glean the most information from your dream material and you begin applying these tips as part of your new dreamwork practice.


The Dream’s Gifts & Messages are a Plenty!

Learn more about the anatomy of dreams and the universal patterns and motifs that reveal your connection to the Soul of Nature. Begin to understand the language of dreams and how your intuitive and instinctual wisdom are essential tools in decoding their hidden messages. 

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Using the Dream’s Medicine in your Waking Life

By this point in the course, you have discovered how your body reveals things you didn’t know you knew. In this class, you learn somatic techniques to unravel the hidden meanings in your dream images and characters, and new ways to bring the dream’s healing energy and insights into your waking life.


Conscious Co-creation with the Soul of Nature

In this last class we bring together all you have learned so far in the course, affirming just how important your dreams are in reconnecting you with feminine wisdom and power, and to living a truly inspired and co-creative life. You are set up to continue to deepen your dreamwork practice for as long as you desire into the future.


What's Included

At the end of this course you can expect to be remembering your dreams more consistently, and to have a strong foundation for an ongoing dreamwork practice.

You will be enjoying a satisfying deep and rich conversation with the DreamMaker.

You will be well on your way of trusting your connection to the heart and soul of Gaia, and to her infinite source of wisdom and inspiration.

You will be experiencing the satisfying benefits to yourself and in your relationships with others, and with the more-than-human world.

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9 hours of class time.

Fieldwork assignments to deepen each week’s lessons.

Guides to explore dreamwork symbols and images.

Practices, techniques and suggestions for receiving insights into your dreams.

Opportunities in every class to ask questions and to work with your own dream material.

Connection with a community of dreamers that will continue after the course is over.

About Alison Normore

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Alison Normore, Ph.D. is a master dreamer. Over the past 30 years she’s learned to listen to her nighttime dream messages and they have guided and inspired her work as a shamanic practitioner and teacher. For Alison, dreamwork is a sacred practice that has served to restore a deep sense of belonging to her life, and to the world. Her dreams set her on a path of discovery into ancient mysteries and indigenous wisdom traditions, bringing her home in a way she could never have imagined. This discovery is the subject of her book Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots

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"These altered-state experiences open my mind wide to the existence of other dimensions of reality beyond the physical. I’m fascinated and want to learn more."

- Alison Normore - Return to Pangea

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I went to see Alison for guidance in feelings of grief, loss and multiple life changes. My dreamwork with her allowed me to restore balance and harmony in my life. She guided me in self-discovery and healing on a deep spiritual level as I began to feel a deep connection with Mother Earth and an even deeper sense of belonging. I am exactly where I need to be, and I have more inner strength, support and guidance that I had ever imagined. 


Working with Alison on my dreams was a true gift of growth and healing. Her shamanic abilities and deep empathy created a space for me to experience deep healing and uncover insights about my life that had been evasive. She helped to restore a sense of personal power and self trust, an immeasurable boost to my personal and professional path. 
Alison was able to help me put the pieces of my life into a new perspective and to see the signs and the support in the world around me. Dreams have become more vivid and meaningful, my business has grown, and I am enjoying the use of my hands in new, caring and creative endeavors in various areas of my world. 



Course Fee: $333 early registration discount,
after January 8, $396.

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