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I invite you, New Earth Lovers and Dreamers, to gather with me here in this sacred and powerful place to celebrate the warmth and potency of the Sun, and the fertility of Earth that creates and sustains us and the world, and the living spirits who animate it. 

We gather to celebrate with the many Beings who illuminate and grace our lives, both seen and unseen, remembered and forgotten.  There are many races of elemental nature spirits – of the mountains, forests and waters -- the clouds, stars and galaxies. One such Earthen race are called the Sidhe (pronounced SHEE) also known as the Faery Folk, the Shining Ones, or the People of the Mounds. Our ancient kin who had to leave our realm and now live in what the Celts call the Otherworld. 

As we move into the Aquarian Age, all of the Nature and Animal Spirits are reaching out to us, desiring reunion, inviting us to partner with them in restoring wholeness to the world. Re-imagining our world requires us all to join hands and walk together, evoking and strengthening our wild and instinctual wisdom, our creative and visionary capacities to restore and renew the world.

So, at Solstice we will invite all these races to take center stage with, and through us, to work their magic. In time honored ritual and ceremony, we will open to their ancient ways and see what delights await us!

Together we will step into the sacred play that lightens and expands our hearts and minds with joy and laughter. We will let ourselves be inspired by our love and appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of nature, and for the sheer pleasure of being alive on this blue-green planet one more Summer Solstice!

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"Absolutely fun and amazing, I haven't giggled that much in years.  I don't know what happened there, but I'm back home and giggles keep bubbling up and I love it"! - Mary Power

"The power of the land and the ceremonies have touched me deeply. I am changed. Each day of the Retreat unfolded as a new experience set in the web of this vibrant land. Thank you for holding the space me for to be perfectly myself. I don't understand it, but it felt like home." - Ingrid Ruhrman

"A transformational experience that initiated a deep relationship with the mountain spirits that I will always treasure. I look forward to sharing many more journeys with Alison.” - Janet Stanley

"The thing I will remember most was the energy, the safety and absolute feeling of coming home that enveloped me the entire time. Synchronicities and flow kicked in, in a meaningful way all weekend." - Enza Tiberi Checchia

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The Sidhe made their presence known to me on my first visit to Woody Point in 2010, where I now live and call home. While I knew about faeries, and even had experiences, I'd never heard of the Sidhe before then. "What the heck is a 'tall she"? I asked when the voice intruded into my early morning meditation, along with the image of an ancient map. This is a story I share in my book Return to Pangaea.  A series of synchronistic events unfolded and within a few months I’d been initiated into the realm of the Faery Folk by some Celtic shamans. 

As of late, the Sidhe have been poking me, getting my attention in their characteristic mysterious and mischievous ways. I can feel their energy strong, and growing now, around the Summer Solstice. It is their most powerful time of year, and so a perfect time to explore our connection with them. 

I suspect the Sidhe have much to teach us about love and living in harmony with all our Relations. If the idea of playing with the Sidhe excites your inner child, and tugs at your imagination, I invite you to join me at Summer Solstice as we tiptoe into the magical, unpredictable realm of the Sidhe who told me they are here and waiting for reunion with us. 

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Tuesday, June 20

Supper, Gathering Circle and Fire Ceremony

Wednesday, June 21

Sunrise Ceremony, Fairy Circle, Water Blessings, Lunch, Closing Ceremony

Program fee includes all events, evening meal and lunch in Gros Morne National Park.  Accommodations to be arranged on your own. 

A list of nearby accommodations can be provided.

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Fee includes all events and two meals. 
Fee after March 30, 2023, $250

You can pay by Paypal ( OR
  use e-transfer to OR
by cash (in person) OR
send a personal cheque by regular mail to P.O. Box 5, Bonne Bay, NL  A0K 1P0 

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