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Are the Nature Spirits calling you?

You may notice that you suddenly have a new urge to start growing your own food, plant a garden, or landscape your yard. Or you know yourself as someone who just cannot throw out a plant; or pull weeds (although in your forgetting, and in an effort to keep up with the neighborhood “standards” you used to pull them without care).

You may have recently experienced the mystery of the forest in a new way. Maybe it scared you. Maybe you felt compelled to spend more time there.

Maybe you have a strong connection with a place; like where you like to walk, or where you go when you need to de-stress. Do you perhaps have strong sensory memories of certain places in Nature? Maybe you dream of returning to your birthplace.

Perhaps the Nature Spirits have been calling you since you were a child. Do you have a prominent memory of a relationship with a tree (or a whole forest) in childhood? Have you ever said things like, “without that tree (forest) I don’t think I’d still be here”. Or maybe it was an experience with a wild animal that had a lasting impact on you. 

Here’s what some of my clients have shared about their “call” from the Nature Spirits, even though many may not have known at the time who it was that was calling!

For Catherine, it started on a car trip to Northern Ontario with her son. On the way home, she began to see faces of ancient indigenous peoples in the massive rock formations that lined the highways. And at one of the rest stops, she heard the rocks console her with the clear message “We’ve got your boy” when she was afraid her son would fall as he was climbing near a waterfall.

Louise planted her first vegetable garden this past spring and noticed something growing in it that she didn’t plant! Little did she know that the Red Clover that “spontaneously” began growing in her cultivated garden would be exactly what she needed to help detox her body after experiencing an illness later that growing season.

For Enza, it’s always been the Willow tree. A Willow adorned the landscape of both of her childhood homes. The Willow came to her as a poem during her journey through mental illness, with a message foreshadowing a gift she will be bringing to the world in partnership with the Willow. And it was the call from Willow Beach, Georgina, Ontario that has inspired her recent move to a lakeside home; something she’s doing for the first time on her own.

In the last few years, I’m sure you’ve noticed it too, many of our friends and colleagues have packed up their lives in the City and moved to rural areas where they are reconnecting with nature, creating community and deepening their connection with Nature. In some areas, it’s a mass exodus!


And of course, there are many for whom urban places feel most like home, and that is where their roots run deep. I know many for whom the Nature Spirits are calling them to tend and nurture those places, also a much needed and sacred task.This is not a coincidence. 


Why is it important to connect with the Nature Spirits?

In order to move forward into the Aquarian Age, we have to remember our unity with Nature and all her realms. Nature is part of us, and we are part of Nature. In all ways, not just physically, but also in mind and spirit. Our individual souls and those of the Nature Spirits are co-joined in what the ancients call the Dreamtime; where we go when we journey and when we sleep. But we have mostly forgotten this and shut down the channels of communication, and even arrogantly, thought ourselves somehow better or more intelligent than the other species and beings that cohabit this realm with us.
The Spirits of Nature have power far greater than their presence and material form as plants, rivers, animals and minerals.  For example, as food to nourish our bodies, or the beauty, comfort, and power to restore and sustain us, as when we swim in the ocean, or walk in the forest. We may also relate to the ability of Nature to heal toxic emotions and restore peace within our minds and hearts. Much of this happens unconsciously. If we are lucky, or open, we can receive their messages through our nighttime dreams, meditations or through any of a myriad of means they use to get our attention. And they will, especially if this is part of your reason for being here at this time on the Earth.

Once I stepped onto the shamanic path, images of plants, trees, animals, crystals and other aspects of Nature pervaded my dreamtime. I’d always felt a deep kinship and was drawn to natural sources of water, brooks, rivers and beaches wherever I lived; the sound of water had the power to soothe me like nothing else. Visions of trees and plants flashed in my inner vision during meditation and while falling asleep or waking. Slowly it dawned on me that these images were not random, and were intentional communications from Nature Spirits. And it inspired me to learn more.


Nature encompasses many realms, both visible and invisible. There is a vast network of beings and races who work to keep the balance of Nature here on Earth, even more so when, as now, humans have forgotten their place as stewards of the Creation. The Spirits of Nature are calling those who are ready to reconnect with them, to listen and remember that we are part of the one web of life and that we need each other in order to create the more beautiful new world that we all know in our hearts is possible, and is our destiny.  

The Plants, Animals, Elementals, Fairy Folk (Helping Spirits), and Spirits of Place are all conscious, intelligent, and powerful beings; here not only to support life, but to help us Humans remember who we truly are, and to step into co-creative partnerships with them. This 10-week meditation series invites us into a deeper and expanded relationship with them using the 9 New Earth Essences I was called to co-create with them 10 years ago.


What if there is so much more the Nature Spirits want to share with you?

When we open to higher levels of communion, the place where our spirits exist outside time and space, the Nature Spirits will meet us there. After all, they have been learning through experience and evolving on this Earth for millions of years before humans, and have supported our evolution from the beginning of our arrival on this planet. Nature Spirits have much to share about the process of Ascension and see this as their ultimate purpose for being here with us, as our Helpers and Allies in the grand adventure of Life. 

You see, we are all here to assist Gaia, and each other, on our Ascension to the 5th dimension. This is a world, a place that we must create together, not just with other humans, but with the more than human kind, too. 

We need to re-enter the dream of Nature, aka Mother Earth, known in antiquity as Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess, who fell from the Stars and became the Earth we walk upon. She is calling us now to remember our true nature and destiny as Dreamer-Creator beings, here to co-create with the other Nature Beings with whom we share the living Earth.
When we enter into a conscious partnership with the Spirits of Nature (and oh how they have been waiting for us to do so!), we access the intelligence they hold to solve all the problems we’ve created in our forgetfulness, and to bring a more conscious, prosperous, and flourishing life to the planet and all Her beings.

Remembering how deeply we are connected and that our destinies are intertwined is the way forward on the New Earth. And Winter is the perfect season for this kind of deep inner incubation and spiritual communion with the Spirits of Nature.

What you will remember during the 10 weeks:


How to let your inner child lead you in the spirit of play and discovery as we experiment with a variety of ways and processes to enter the dream of Nature and communicate with Nature Spirits


The gifts of being in right relationship with the Spirits of Nature and with Gaia-Sophia herself


The vast intelligence and power, or medicine, of the plant and elemental spirits


The power of activating your spiritual gifts including imagination, intuition, psychic abilities and healing capacities


How to build collaborative, co-creative relationships with specific Nature Spirits


How to integrate Nature Spirit medicine into your life even more fully and consciously than you thought possible


Join me on a Journey of Reconnection

For nine weeks we will open to receive the wisdom and power of the Nature Spirits that inspired and came together for each of the nine New Earth Essences, with a final wrap-up session. Each week we will share the messages from our journey.  Your registration fee includes a set of 9 New Earth Essences that will support your connection with the Spirits of Nature and help your integration and processing of their medicine. The set will be mailed to you upon registration.
The meditation sessions are by Zoom, and will be recorded. 

WHEN: Sundays at 9:00 - 11:00 AM Eastern Time.
$333 for 10 weeks starting Sunday, January 8 to March 13, 2023.
Fee includes your own set of 9 New Earth Essences.

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