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Natural health remedies sourced from the Boreal Forest plants in Gros Morne, Newfoundland. No additives. No chemicals. Love. Pure and simple.


Boreal Forest plants contain complex aromatic biochemicals with proven restorative and healing effects on body, mind and spirit.


Products are made with high standards of ethical sustainable interactions with Nature and the human community.

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The Boreal Forest. 
Ancient. Wise. Complex. 

The richness, resilience and diversity of the Boreal Forest has no comparison. Encircling the Northern Hemisphere, it is called the “Crown of the Earth”. The Boreal Forest biome encompasses rivers, lakes, wetlands, mountains and coastal regions. It represents 30% of the global forests, and is essential in supporting planetary biodiversity, purifying our air and water, and regulating the global climate. 

Unlike other forests that are faster growing, the Boreal Forest has evolved slowly over a very long time. It has ways of renewing itself, but once disturbed, it takes hundreds and hundreds of years to renew. It is irreplaceable. Like other forests, it is a cooperative system that uses fungi to communicate with all its species and elements. Intelligent and wild, rich and deep. It has its own wisdom. 


Love. Pure. Simple.


Ingredients: Millions of years of evolving biodiversity culminating in the Boreal Forest’s medicinal treasury; hand harvested native plants growing in undisturbed wild places; naturally structured water from sub terrain springs; a vast range of life sustaining elemental micronutrients; light of the sun, moon and stars of distant galaxies; the creator’s love and commitment to restoring harmony and co-creation with the spirits of nature and safeguarding these wild places for future generations.


Nature. Alive. Intelligent.

How the Elixirs are made:  The plants are gathered by hand, in small amounts, in the early spring, or early morning, at full moons, optimal times for medicinal potency. The plants are tinctured in grain alcohol or oils for at least one moon cycle, and the elixirs created in small batches in Alison’s kitchen and infused with healing intentions. Cobalt blue and green glass protects the integrity and quality of the elixirs. The seasonal variability in some plants, the purposeful manner of production, and a commitment to quality and sustainable harvesting results in a limited quantity and kind of products available at any time.


Attention to Quality. 
All Ways.


Cobalt Blue Glass - The color blue has the highest frequency in the visible light spectrum, thus the most easily dispersed, making the sky blue. The color blue promotes clarity, purity, calmness and peace, Blue is also the color of the throat chakra, the subtle energy center that governs self-expression of one’s unique gifts, and communication of one’s inner truth. 

Green Glass - The color green connects you to Nature and promotes growth, positive thinking, compassion and abundance. It relieves stress and helps you heal. Green is the color of the heart chakra, the source of self-love and harmonious relationships, which allows more peace and harmony into your life. 


Real. Medicine from Nature’s Pharmacy.

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Boreal Rose Elixirs:  Available in Sprays and Creams. Roses connect you with the wild, fierce unconditional love that is continually creating -- the Universe, all of life, and you.  Roses are the highest vibrating flower on the planet and carry the energy of love, purity and beauty. Roses connect to the Sacred Feminine, especially Mother Mary and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Roses soothe and alleviate anxiety, awaken compassion and appreciation of beauty, and stimulate deep reserves of innate wisdom and creativity. 

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Boreal Forest Elixirs: Available in Sprays and Balms containing only natural ingredients. The conifers (pine, fir, spruce, balsam, juniper and larch) connect you to the life giving, life preserving medicine of the Boreal Forest, restoring your body, mind and spirit. The trees have rich banks of biochemicals (phytoncides) that reduce stress, boost the immune system and promote creativity and wellbeing. They clear toxic energy and purify your field and space, uplifting and inspiring your mind and heart. 

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New Earth Essences:  These are liquid extracts made with plants and minerals in a homeopathic like process of infusion and dilution. The process was popularized in the 1930’s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. The essences work by transferring an energetic pattern of information to your mind-body spirit system,. You are  intrinsically inclined to health, balance and harmony, and to respond to Nature’s healing power and wisdom.  Each essence has a unique energetic signature.  


Customer Feedback


Aline Blaney

I would like to give you feedback on the Balsam Balm. My 22-month-old grandson has a terrible reaction to mosquito bites. They swell and stay inflamed for about a week and a half. I brought the balm on our camping trip this past weekend, rubbed it on the bites. The itch disappeared and the inflammation diminished right away.  He also had a diaper rash, which improved significantly with one application. I can't wait to see what it will do for his eczema. Also, a friend of mine applied it to an open wound. The next day, it had closed and was healing beautifully. It's magical!  

Sheila J.

There’s nothing like the scent of roses to bring me home to myself. And those precious wild roses, wow!  What a gift!

Rachel M.

I love that the Boreal Forest Elixirs immerse you in the natural energy and distinctive clear atmosphere of the Boreal Forest, the wind rustling the leaves, the splendor of the landscapes, the rich texture of bogs and ponds, the birds singing from the tops of trees. Really, I learned that the scents of the forest brings you back to your own first moments of emergence from your mother’s womb. How awesome is that?

Jocelyn R.

Whenever I need a clear mind, to feel renewed and refreshed, I turn to the Boreal Forest Spray. It works every time.

Anna K.

Boreal Forest Elixirs are like a touchstone. A reminder of a wonderful time spent in that magical place of Gros Morne National Park, a time of adventure and fun and fresh air and pure joy.


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