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At this time of tremendous change and uncertainty here on Earth, there is one thing we do know as Lightworkers and Healers, and that is we are here to assist with uplifting humanity's consciousness into the next octave. We have prepared for lifetimes to hold the frequencies of peace, balance and unity consciousness during times of transition. While we have shared our indigenous knowledge and mystery school wisdom, many of us feel there is yet more we came to remember and do. This is for you, Earth Guardians and Starkeepers who are feeling the call of Gaia to expand your role and creative potential now.

I invite you to join me in Gros Morne National Park, a spectacular and sacred place of elemental power, at Lions Gate, a time of cosmic alignment between Earth, Sun, the Galactic Center with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Together we will explore the ancient ways of connection to our Star Ancestors that awaken and activate our personal and planetary memory, and that serve to anchor the codes of light that support the emerging of a New Earth.  

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The ancients believed that Sirius was the source of all life, of all energy, and yet detailed knowledge of Sirius including about its third dwarf star has only recently been discovered by modern science.

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A Bit of Galactic History

Sirius is actually a binary star system and has long been considered our Spiritual Sun. To ancient cultures all over the planet, Sirius was known to be intimately intertwined with planet Earth and is critical to the future of humanity. There is evidence that our solar system is in harmonic resonance with Sirius and that Sirian Elders are guiding and assisting humanity’s evolution. 

Sirius was at the core of the calendar, texts and sacred knowledge of the ancient, advanced civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and the Land of Sumer. The sacred knowledge of the Dogon tribe in northern Africa and aboriginal and indigenous tribes in Australia, South America and Asia also revolves around knowledge of this star.  Ancient texts tell the story of how beings from Sirius have incarnated on Earth at critical junctures, seeding their knowledge and consciousness into human civilization, ensuring that we continue to ascend up the evolutionary ladder and achieve our destiny. 

From the end of July to the middle of August, Sirius comes into alignment with our sun, Earth, and the galactic center. This is the most powerful time of connection between our two planetary systems. At the sun rises on August 8, Sirius aligns with the three stars of Orion’s Belt, which lines up perfectly with three of the Pyramids of Giza. As with sacred power sites all over the planet, these structures were designed to remind us of our galactic origins and connection with our Star Ancestors, of our divine lineage, and to embody the hermetic principle, as in Heaven, so on Earth. 


All sentient life experiences an energetic quickening caused by the influx of new information. This light activation works to inform and upgrade life on Earth, pushing us further up our evolutionary spiral pathway.

From Here to Infinity

August 8 is called the Lion’s Gate, so called because the Sun moves into the sign of Leo at this time, and the alignment is said to be held open by two Lions sitting on either side of the stargate portal. This means it’s an opening in space and time when cosmic energy from the Sirius system flows directly to planet Earth. During this opening, light pours into the sacred places of power on the Earth, igniting the global crystalline grids with divine intelligence and optimizing an amplified field of creative potential. 

The 8-8 Lion’s Gate is also known as an infinity portal, propelling us into new possibilities of expression. Infinity is the symbol of expansion, and helps us stretch our awareness to the outer boundaries of this dimensional universe. In the ancient art of Numerology, the number 8 represents union, abundance, prosperity, sovereignty, balancing of polarities and the integration of cosmic energy. 


Sirius is known as a watery blue planet and is believed to be the home of
dolphins and whales. These high vibrational beings anchor the frequency of unconditional love into our third dimensional planet. The dolphins help us to reconnect to the joy and playfulness of the Divine.

This is a tumultuous and transformative time, when all of humanity is being pushed to awaken to the truth of our galactic origins and spiritual power. For millennia we have been caught in a deep web of illusion and deception that we are finally breaking free from. As a Lightworker and Healer you know you are here to build a bridge to the new consciousness that is emerging now. You can see beyond the old limiting stories that have enslaved and kept humans in the dark for thousands of years.


You are responding to the call of Gaia who needs each of us to show up now to do and be what we know deep in our hearts and bones is true. But we don't have to do it alone any longer. We can stand in our love for Mother Earth and all her creatures, hold hands with other Starseeds and walk together into the new world that we came to help midwife. A world of peace, harmony and respect and justice for all, where life can flourish and prosper again. 

The light waves streaming from Sirius and the Great Central Sun during Lion’s Gate provide a potent opportunity to step into your role as a Earth Guardian and Starkeeper, and participate in the anchoring of cosmic light into the crystalline grids of Gaia. This is a vital stage of our collective quickening and re-birth in the spiral galaxy. 

Join me in Gros Morne to -

Be revitalized by the beauty and elemental energy of Gros Morne’s spectacular landscapes.

Receive the energetic activations that turn on your memories of star connections and your own Source codes.

Balance and bring your energy system into harmony with the cosmic field of order and universal principles. 

Strengthen your relationship with the Sirian Star Lineage with the Starkeeper Rite of Initiation.

Step more fully into your Earth Guardian role, your Lion or Lioness self. 

Be inspired to activate and tend your own sacred places of power. 


Have a lot of fun! 

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‘Sirius is the guardian and the protector of your souls. It is the all encompassing Mother, it is the birth canal, if you choose, of your universe, of your soul’s experience into this earthly realm. This star nation grounded it’s energy on the earth plane through your ancient Egyptian civilization."
From ‘Union’ by Jennifer Starlight

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Sopdet, Egyptian Goddess of Sirius

There has never been a more powerful time for us to foster more conscious relationships with Gaia and our own Feminine Wisdom and Power. It's time to claim our sovereignty, intuitive gifts and creative potential on behalf of All our Relations on planet Earth. There is so much spiritual help available to us now!

We will be calling upon all our Spiritual Allies in all Earth and Sky realms, including Goddess Sopket, to assist us in this great plork (play-work). 

The Lions Gate Portal is a perfect launchpad to a new era of Light and Love on Earth. The Ancestors and sacred power places of Gros Morne are ready and waiting to help us re-connect with our Star Lineages and Galactic origins and rebirth ourselves in the spiral galaxy.


If you are feeling excited and lit up by reading this, you can be sure you are remembering your soul's mission and are being called to join me here in Gros Morne. Together we will -


  • Allow the beauty and serenity of this place to bring us into full communion with each other and with the Earth and the Stars.

  • Create powerful ceremonies of connection at special sacred places. 

  • Allow our hearts and bodies to guide us, so we are always right where we need to be!

  • Join in song and dance with the elemental spirits of Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

  • Sit underneath the stars to be flooded with their light coded messages. (Gros Morne has dark sky status.)

  • Deepen ancient memory of our star lineage and galactic origins and share these stories around the fire!

  • Activate the star portals in Gros Morne, and maybe even discover more! 

From Past Gatherings

“This retreat created a gateway that beckoned me deeper into myself, Mother Nature and the power of shamanic wisdom. The connections I made continue to nourish my soul".  Dominique Hurley

"It's my first Retreat with Alison and I feel the changes already. I know the teachings will embed in my psyche and change the way I move through the world. Thank you!"

Catherine Rees


"A transformational experience that initiated a deep relationship with the mountain spirits that I will always treasure. I look forward to sharing many more journeys with Alison.” Janet Stanley

"The thing I will remember most was the energy, the safety and absolute feeling of coming home that enveloped me the entire time. Synchronicities and flow kicked in, in a meaningful way all weekend." Enza Tiberi Checchia

"I touched the clouds, and the land, and the Ancestors, and they touched me. I saw light everywhere, the sun's glistening jewels on the water, the fog and wind and rain held me closely and gently in its arms and refreshed me beyond words. I've returned home different, a better me, that is a fact." Mary Power 

"When I got here I was spiritually dimmed and disconnected. This Retreat and what I experienced here in Gros Morne have re-centered and re-aligned me and most importantly, returned me to my heart." Meghan Jones


"The power of the land and the ceremonies have touched me deeply. I am changed. Each day of the Retreat unfolded as a new experience set in the web of this vibrant land. Thank you for holding the space for me to be perfectly myself. I don't understand it, but it felt like home."  Ingrid Ruhrman


Alison's Connection to Gros Morne...

Began more than 8 generations ago, and in this incarnation ancient  Grandmothers and Grandfathers appeared in my dreams and visions. In one of those dreams I accepted an assignment that meant returning to my birthplace in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland in 2012. The work with the Ancestors and Spirits of Gros Morne began earlier, in 2007 after an activating trip to sacred power sites in the Mayalands.


Since then I have been initiating others who are called into the shamanic and mystery school traditions, honoring the Ancestors and sharing their wisdom, and activating and tending the sacred places of power in this land..


Much of that story is told in my spiritual memoir, Return to Pangaea. In 2011 a group of us together with Peruvian shamans activated a Star Portal here in Gros Morne. All the ceremonial work done here since 2007 has been in preparation for the Great Shift of the Ages that is happening now.    

Answering Your Call

As a Healer and Lightworker you know the role you have come to play in supporting our planetary ascension. You have prepared for just this time on planet Earth for lifetimes, and you have learned to recognize and follow the deep quiet voice of your soul. I invite you to tune into your deeper knowing now to discern whether you are called to be here with me August 7-9 for this Star Initiation and Activation midst the spectacular landscapes -- mountains, forests, rivers and beaches of Gros Morne. Note  This program requires ceremonial experience and the ability to hold and work in sacred space with others. 


This is a highly experiential program; we will spend most of our time out of doors! 

The whole of humanity is going through a tumultuous and transformative time, when we are being pushed to spiritually awaken and build a bridge to the New Earth that is emerging now. This New Earth needs each of us to show up in our full light, gifts and beauty. And there's nothing as critical to our health, wellness and spiritual awakening than having our feet on the Earth, and our hearts open to the sky! 

There has also never been a more powerful time for us to cultivate more conscious relationships with Gaia and our Star Elders. It's time to claim our sovereignty, our birthright and and role as Earth Guardians and Starkeepers on behalf of all our Relations on planet Earth. The light waves streaming from Sirius and the Great Central Sun during Lion’s Gate provide a potent opportunity to step into our rightful positions in order to anchor cosmic light into the crystalline grids of Gaia. This is a vital stage of our collective quickening and re-birth in the spiral galaxy. Our luminous energy fields are evolving into diamond light bodies that will shine with the radiant light of the stars; it is the next stage of our evolution and our individual and collective destiny.


Join me August 7 to 9 for a time of deep remembering, initiation and activation. 

Early Registration $1053

After March 31, 2023, $1125

Price based on shared accommodation.

For single room add $253. 


You can also pay by email transfer to

The program begins mid-day August 7, and ends late afternoon August 9.

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