Dreaming the World Anew:

A Sacred Path of Discovery, Beauty and Power for the Spiritually Awakening Healers and Visionaries

An experiential deep dive into ancient Feminine ways of  knowing and navigating in the spiritual realms

Retreats & Workshops

for those who want to deepen their spiritual journey, a deep dive into the sacred universe

Mother Earth, Sophia, Gaia, She who is known by many names and forms, calls us to remember that we travelled from the stars for a grand adventure in
physicality on this glistening blue-green starship.  


She speaks in many ways and through a myriad of messengers. In quiet whispers,
dreams, visions, unexpected encounters with other animals and beings in the
natural world, and in the voices and forms of our Ancestors.   


However you hear the call, She speaks straight to your Heart.  And you
know.  You are here now to walk in the world in beauty and in your full power to dream a
New Earth into being. Will you answer Her call?


A Path of Direct Revelation

Experiential Discovery Awaits


There is a body of ancient spiritual wisdom garnered by our ancestors' direct experience of the spirit in everything, and the inter-connectedness of all life. 


It is a path of direct revelation, learning to navigate and communicate with the unseen, invisible realms. The word shaman means one who knows, and shamanic practitioners develop knowledge of the spirit realms, and the skills to access information and support for healing. You become a bridge, mediating between the physical and spiritual worlds, to bring them into alignment and harmony.

Deepening Connections with Spirit

There are many practices that deepen your connection to the Earth and to the spiritual realms of the Cosmos. You delve deep into the truth of your own spiritual nature, develop relationships with your spiritual helpers and guides, and access the wisdom and support to bring the world into balance.

One Spirit: Many Paths

The underlying values are of the sacredness and unity of all life. Practices for direct connection with Spirit are compatible with all faiths and religions and help you access deep levels of ancestral memory.

One Step at a Time

Alison offers a graduated learning program that will allow you to learn at your own pace. As you work through the levels you will come to understand the organization of the universe and your own essential self. Alison will guide you through the processes of her indigenous teachers, including Celtic, Mayan and Egyptian mystery school traditions. The knowledge and practices will open your mind and heart to the wisdom of the ancients.

Dreaming the New Earth

Remembering our true nature and purpose, and evolving into our potential and destiny has never been more possible, nor important, than at this time on planet Earth. We are the Ones we have been waiting for!








In this introductory session, you learn the spiritual cosmology, maps and methods, how to build and maintain your luminous body, connect with your spiritual guides and allies, and walk the medicine path. You will connect with the wisdom of your ancestral lineages, and receive foundational initiations to launch your Dreamers Journey. As you gain the skills to shed what no longer serves your evolution, you will develop a new relationship with the creative forces of the universe. This will help you navigate in the world with the consciousness, confidence, and peacefulness of a Luminous Warrior.



(Prerequisite: Level 1)  The second level takes you deeper into the mysteries of the spiritual path, the way of transcendence and rebirth. You will explore your soul's purpose and calling, and connect with the protection and support you need to grow in wisdom and power at this time of accelerated evolution on the Earth. You will delve into sacred mountain traditions, undertake a mountain pilgrimage, and receive initiations that activate your multidimensional nature and memory. This level will help you develop greater authenticity and authority, and prepare you to step into the role ol Wisdomkeeper.


(Prerequisite:  Level 1 and Level 2)  These training intensives prepare you to work with others. Here you further develop your knowledge of energy, and finetune your tracking and assessment skills. You  learn how ceremony and ritual bring the physical and spiritual worlds into harmony, and the Great Death Rites that allow others to die peacefully, full of light. Professional guidelines and energy ethics will be covered. After the training, there are supervision, practicum and mentoring requirements for certification as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. 

Location:  Workshops and Retreats are held in the heart of spectacular Gros Morne National Park at Killdevil Camp & Conference Center, Lomond, Newfoundland, Canada.  Accommodation and meals are included in the tuition fee. 




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Alison Normore, Ph.D.


  • Human Potential Visionary, Wisdomkeeper and Master Teacher with a gift for empowering Healers and Visionaries to take the next step on their Soul's Journey


  • Doctorate in Human Development, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Dying Consciously Trainer, School of Energy Medicine, Four Winds Society; 15 years of study and teaching of shamanic wisdom, healing and counseling with children and adults

Deborah Maltman

Pieces are falling into place, clarity is growing broad and deep, my sensitivity to energy and psychic awareness is more pronounced  in feeling ways since  this class.

Debra Jones

I got confirmation of my healing path. This training accelerated my journey to enlightenment.  My work and clients have already benefited from the teachings.

Carolyn Seeley-Mayo

I loved everything; the knowledge and sincerity of the teacher; the power of the ceremonies and the beauty and sweetness of these teachings. 

Connect with the Shamanic Lineages and Elemental Spirits of this Ancient Land


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