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I’m so glad you will be joining me for the Death and Rebirth in the Spiral Galaxy: Navigating Transitions Consciously with Shamanic Death Rites, a 3-week online course.


This is a profound time to be alive and to be awakening to your gifts and calling to be of service to the planet and to humanity.  Assisting the conscious transition from one world to the next, whether the portal is a physical or a symbolic one, is the most sacred of tasks.  


Congratulations for answering the call to go deeper into the ancient wisdom by taking this next step. There is much support available for the journey, and I'm so glad to be sharing it with you! 

Course Start Dates and Times


The Course takes place over three weeks.  It begins October 12 and ends October 31. Mark your calendar for the following class times:

Tuesday, October 12, 7-9:30pm Eastern

Sunday, October 17, 1-5pm Eastern

Tuesday, October 19, 7-9:30pm Eastern

Sunday, October 24, 1-5 pm Eastern

Tuesday, October 26, 7-9:30pm Eastern

Sunday, October 31, 1-5pm Eastern

Zoom Teleconferencing

A few days before the class you will receive an email with details on how to join the Zoom Class. There are PC and phone-in options.

Classes will be recorded and you will receive links so you can download them.  It probably goes without saying that you will get the most from the teleseminars if you can join me live! There will be energetic transmissions and group activations in most classes, and in every class, there will be opportunities to ask questions and to share with others in the class. If you cannot make it to a class, you can still submit any questions beforehand and I will address them during the next class. The recording link will be sent to you within a couple of days after the Live Class.

Course Materials

Once the course begins you will receive a Course Guide that you can download or print in which you can record your experiences and notes from the class. It will also contain the Invitations to Practice which will take you deeper into the work between the classes. Completing those will help you embody and apply what you are learning.

Your Copy of Return to Pangaea


Click here to download your copy of Return to Pangaea: A Shamanic Journey Back to Newfoundland Roots, in PDF format. 

I tell the story of my spiritual awakening and initiation into shamanism in my book, Return to Pangaea. Reading it will give you even more inspiration to delve into the world of the shaman and begin, or continue your own conversation with the invisible realms. 

Before the class starts, I invite you to read Part Three: Ancestor Connections. In this part I talk about my own experiences that prepared me for this work.  

Invitation to a Private Facebook Group

At the start of the course you will be invited to join a private Facebook group with other class participants. This will be a moderated sacred space forum in which to ask questions, share experiences related to what you are learning in the class. It is an opportunity with many benefits; however, it is not required. Joining the group is completely optional, as is the degree to which you participate. You can leave the group at any time after you join.  

Click here to join the Facebook Group

That being said, to be connected to a community of like-minded people who are exploring the shamanic path is a real gift and privilege. There is so much support and affirmation available, and it has never been more important to build our community.  When we come together to witness and listen deeply, to hold the space for each other, we grow in understanding of just how connected we all are, and to realize and expand our collective wisdom and strength.

Moon Circles

I also hope you will take advantage of my bi-monthly virtual Moon Circles. We meet under the Full Moon, and the New Moon. Moon ceremonies are rituals at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.  At New Moons we work with the Element of Water and plant the seeds of our prayers in the sacred field of creation where all potential resides. On the Full Moons we work with the Element of Fire to cleanse what no longer serves and renew our energy through the light of the flames.


Participating in Moon Ceremonies connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature; strengthens your feminine wisdom and creative potential, anchors and magnetizes your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth and offers a deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering with like-minded souls on a regular basis.

Invitations to the Moon Circles will arrive in your mailbox and are posted on my Facebook Pages as well as in the Private Facebook Group. You do have to register in advance for each Circle


I am so excited to be sharing this journey into this core shamanic wisdom on death and dying together with you! It is a personally transformative work that will shift how you live, how you heal, and how you die. And at this time of transition to the Aquarian Age, your willingness to step into your power to be of service is a beautiful gift to the Earth and to Humanity.

You may want to bookmark or save this page for your future reference.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you at our first class on October 12.

Til then may you receive life's richest blessings, and may you be well,


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