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Are you ready to learn ...


How to Hack the Unconscious Programming That Keeps You From Reclaiming Your Feminine Power:

A Tool for Identifying the Wounded Feminine and Easy Cost-Free Techniques for Healing Her

You’ll get:

A checklist to help you identify the wounded feminine programming that is most alive in you today.

Information on how negative programming gets created and why we need to clear it.

7 powerful practices to clear the old programming that are easy and free.

An Invitation to become part of my warm and safe community to deepen your connection to divine feminine wisdom. 

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I am still absorbing the profound shift I am experiencing in myself. I am changed!  I have a new substance in places in me that is surprising. I feel more at home with myself. 


I feel a sense of peace within myself…  the practices have awakened my inner self and if I ask for help this amazing energy comes forth… The work has changed my whole outlook, not just about myself, but the world


Already I’ve noticed a beautiful shift; I feel peaceful, calm, love and gratitude for everyone and everything: I am excited about the magical changes that will take place

October 18-20, 2019

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