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Dissolve Your Ancestral and Karmic Imprints for Good

by Expanding Your Sensory Perception
inside the Cosmic Tree of Life

January 26 to April 6, 2021

with Alison Normore Ph.D


When we change the way we look at the world, the world we live in changes.


The Shaman’s ability to shift perceptual states and see things as they really are, changes them, for good. To those who don’t understand this, or know how to shift perceptual states, this seems too good to be true, magic even.

But it’s not magic. It is actually a source of power to be aware of where our consciousness is at any given time and intentionally shift our perspective and access our fully embodied sense of knowing.


And this skill is not reserved only for the Shaman. It’s in our design. We all have this capacity. We just have to remember we have it and then re-learn how to use this wisdom to dissolve the karmic and ancestral imprints that have limited our ability to see ourselves and the world clearly.


Imagine who we’d be as a species if we weren’t bound up and entangled in our karmic and ancestral wounds. Wow. We’d actually be available and free to reclaim our natural gifts. We’d be the dreamers we were designed to be.


But the truth is most of this still lies in our potential.
It’s not yet fully in our reality.

If you’re anything like me, when you begin to remember that you have the ability to be free of ancestral imprints and trauma and to free past and future generations in your bloodline, you can be paralysed by the unbearable conflict arising from holding this knowledge and feeling powerless to do something about it.


As Lightbringers, Starseeds, and Healers, we feel this, big time.

This conflict stirs the souls of those of us who know we are here on Earth at this time to serve the whole by ushering in a new world that works for everyone.


We know the role that ancestral trauma plays in our present lives; at both the personal and collective level. We see signs of it everywhere; in inter-generational family and cultural patterns of addictions, illness, abandonment, poverty, abuse, violence; and in the devastation we see of our Home and all Her inhabitants. And we also know that if we don’t heal this trauma, we pass it on. This is a painful realization for those of us who have awoken to these truths.


We know it’s time to activate latent codes and remember our destiny – the way Goddess Sophia, Gaia, Mother Earth herself designed us to unfold, to realize our full potential.

But what can we, as individuals, possibly do to turn around a world that feels so off course?


Albert Einstein was onto something far greater than intelligence when he said,

Chakra Symbols Vector Illustrations-by-S

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


When we return to instinctual ways of being and knowing; when we remember the medicine and wisdom of the Shamans; when we reweave ourselves back into the fabric of The Creation; we’re changing the level of our thinking. And our world literally changes along with it.

It is critical now for you to remember how to use this core Shamanic skill of shifting perceptual states so you can play your part in dreaming a new, better world into being. 

You aren’t using all of your innate wisdom and capacity. And it’s not your fault. It has been suppressed for thousands of years. 

You are hardwired for multi-dimensional consciousness so you can access multiple levels of intelligence and the resources needed now to manifest a new world. But you have forgotten. 

Join me and other Lightbringers, Starseeds and Healers from around the world on an 11-week experiential dive into Shamanic energy medicine to clear the energetic imprints that hold you back from expressing all of your untapped potentials, granted to you by Goddess Sophia herself. 

When you develop your ability to shift your conscious awareness into different levels of reality at will, you have the power to free yourself from those karmic and ancestral burdens, to hold more of your original light, and shine that radiance to the world. 


Here’s what you can expect from this highly experiential journey together:


Recognize how different parts of the brain are related to how you perceive the world, make choices and interact with others.


Practice working with animal spirits to activate instinctual wisdom and healing medicine.


Practice building relationships with stone allies for self-healing (these stone allies will form the beginning of your medicine bundle).


Practice using shamanic methods for shifting perceptual states to change how you show up and act in the world and in your relationships.


Awaken latent DNA codes and layers of ancestral memory to be more fully and authentically yourself.


Recognize where you are stuck in a particular level of reality so you can quickly shift into a more expanded state and see new possibilities


Practice techniques to access increased energy, efficiency, clarity, creativity, meaning and purposefulness in your life and work.


Merge with deeper levels of your being to hold a greater embodied presence in your everyday life.


Experience a more dynamic relationship with your body, mind and spirit so you can express your fullest potential in the creation.


Feel yourself becoming more interwoven with the human and non-human world and your destiny as a co-creator with the living spirit of the Earth.

Goddess Sophia.jpg


Tuesday, January 26th
7 pm Eastern
Dissolve Ancestral and Karmic Imprints for Good

Who this course is for

Shamanism is a path of direct experience. As such, this is a highly experiential program; not for the faint of heart, nor for those who just want to observe. 


Time is of the essence if we are to restore the original blueprint of our creation before complete destruction of our Home and every species on it; so only those committed to stepping into their power now to bring about a new world that works for everyone will be permitted access.


You must be either a graduate* of:

  • The Introduction to Shamanism - Dream a New World Into Being online course (or earlier in-person version, or equivalent)

  • Other Shamanic training classes with Alison (or equivalent)

* If you do not have these prerequisites, you are welcome to join the waitlist for the free Waking the Dreamer - Am I a Shaman? 5-week online course and the Introduction to Shamanism - Dream A New World Into Being 9-week online course.


What’s included

The Expanding Your Sensory Perception Inside the Cosmic Tree of Life 11-week course is packed with teachings, guided journeys, and shamanic energy medicine processes and techniques, plus personal and group mentoring and coaching; all designed to empower you with the skills and tools you will need for your own transformative healing and learning journey.


Six of our eleven weeks together are live teaching classes with guided experiences, and the other five weeks are facilitated group-work digestion and personal practice sessions between the teaching classes.  Plus, you’ll also receive:


Eleven Experiential Invitations to Deepen Your Experience and Learning in the Course


You're invited to participate in weekly experiential exercises designed to provide you with immersive experiences and opportunities to play with the concepts discussed in each class. 


Membership in the private Facebook group for students of this course


  • Share your experiences and deepen your connection with the material covered in the classes.

  • Ask questions and connect with Alison and your peers in the course.


A Medicine Bundle Starter Kit

A bundle of healing & balancing goodies supporting your deep dive into the world of The Shaman.

Kit Includes:
  1. One bottle of my Gros Morne Essences, intuitively chosen by me, especially for you to support your Healing Journey through this Course. 
    These Essences were co-created with the plants, minerals, and nature spirits of Gros Morne. This natural balancing homeopathic remedy will aid your personal spiritual connection to Earth’s elemental energies and assist in the integration of your experiences during the course and in the days and weeks following.

  2. One bottle of my Boreal Forest Spirit Water, used in ceremony, and to cleanse your ritual objects and space.
    This is an exclusive formula I created from the boreal forest trees and flowers of Gros Morne.

  3. A healing stone (Kuya) from Gros Morne, Newfoundland, a sacred place of power.
    Your stone will be attuned to the Peruvian Laika lineage of Healers and Wisdomkeepers and will activate your medicine bundle. 

  4. Medicine Bag to hold your healing stones. 


Access to the Waking the Dreamer online course

A 5-class offering that provides a refresher into the framework of who a Shaman is and what a Shaman “does”.


A one-year subscription to Alison Normore’s virtual Moon Circles

Join me around the fire for monthly New and Full Moon ceremonies.

Moon ceremonies are rituals at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.  

  • At New Moons, we work with the Element of Water and plant the seeds of our prayers in the sacred field of creation where all potential resides.

  • On the Full Moons, we work with the Element of Fire to cleanse and renew our energy through the light of the flames.


Participating in Moon Ceremonies connects you to the greater cosmos and brings you into harmony with the cycles of Nature; strengthens your feminine wisdom and creative potential, anchors and magnetizes your desires and intentions for yourself and for the Earth and offers a deeply nourishing and harmonizing power of gathering with like-minded souls on a regular basis.


Membership in the Private Lightbringers Facebook Group

A sacred online community space for those who participate in Moon Circles and other Shamanic training offered by Alison Normore, PhD.


The Sophia Myth

Goddess Sophia, Gaia, Mother Earth, Pachamama; She who is known by many names, calls us to remember our cosmic origins and the galactic parents who dreamed us. It is She, the Ancient Ones say, who fell from the sky to become the very Earth that holds us, sustains us and knows our true nature and potential. The Goddess speaks to us in many ways and through a myriad of messengers. In quiet whispers, dreams, visions, unexpected encounters with other animals and beings in the natural world, and in the voices and forms of our Ancestors.


However you hear the call, She is speaking straight to your Heart.  And you know.  You are here now to walk on Her belly in beauty and in your full power as a dreamer and co-creator with Her. To dream a New Earth of harmony and peace into being. Will you answer Her call?


A Plea from

Goddess Sophia

I know you are waking to the true nature of your divine self. I know you recognize my call to join the millions of Lightbringers who are waking up and waking others up to the truth of our origins and why we are here.

I know you wish to honour my call but sometimes don’t know how to. 

I know you wish to express the sovereign power you sense still lying dormant inside of you.

I know you desire, at the deepest levels of your being, to finally know what it feels like to be in your full power and authority, to be a clear and lucid dreamer and co-creator with me, Gaia-Sophia, the living spirit of the Earth.

I believe in you. I created you. I know what you are capable of. Let me come to you. Let me whisper in your ear all the things I dreamt for you. Walk with me out of the dark and into the light. Realize yourself as the Luminous Dreamer-Creator I dreamt into being.

We begin on Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm Eastern.


Here’s the map of our 11-week Journey

Mapping the terrain

Week 1 & 2

Understand how when you change your patterned way of viewing an event, or yourself, you change the way it lives within you, and the world outside you changes to reflect that new perspective.  Learn about healing stones and how to work with and care for healing stones (kuyas) and learn all about the Medicine Bag/Bundle Tradition. All this foundation setting and more in our first two weeks!

Becoming and practicing Snake Medicine

Week 3 & 4

Learn how to open to Snake Energy and merge with our primitive brain; where our instinct resides, and where we remember how to bypass the thinking mind to truly know the world around us through our embodied senses. Develop the skill to see what you are missing that’s right in front of you. Master accessing your body’s wisdom. Receive the Healers Rite. This and more in weeks 3 and 4! 

Becoming and practicing Jaguar Medicine

Week 5 & 6

Becoming Jaguar Medicine helps us move beyond the old stories passed to us from our family and our culture (some we’ve been believing for millennia). We learn how to sense what’s in the wind; what is not yet in our conscious awareness. Taming the Jaguar, receiving the Munay-ki Bands of Power Rite of Initiation and more in weeks 5 and 6!

Our Western culture operates consciously, so it adapts well to Snake and Jaguar Medicine. But our ability to shift to higher frequencies and levels of consciousness that expand our capacity for visionary and creative functioning in life and in work has been diminished, suppressed and even banished.  The next two Classes examine where the Shaman, the Great Dreamer, works; where we open our access to higher levels of brain functioning with more creative capacity and dreaming potential.

Becoming and practicing Whale Medicine

Week 7 & 8

Whale Medicine reminds us of the Great Journeyers we are, of our cosmic origins as galactic starseeds, and that we have everything we need for the journey. They help us take the necessary risks and plumb the depths and soar the heights of our human experience, how to sing our own songs of creation; and to see life as a grand adventure in physicality. A grand adventure in physicality! Truly a new perspective for many of us. When we access Whale Medicine, we remember how to enter the realm of the mythic, where everything is what it truly is – an expression of the sacred; every experience an opportunity for learning and growth; everything and everyone a part of our soul’s purpose for incarnating. Receive the Seer’s Rite and Pineal Gland Activation and more in weeks 7 and 8!

 Becoming and practicing Eagle Medicine

Week 9 & 10

Eagle senses the big picture; the whole field and all details at the same time; notices fluctuations and changes within the field that allows it to perceive the tiniest movement from a long distance. When we access Eagle Medicine, we experience the quantum field of creation. We sense the energy of things and places, including our own energy; where it is stuck and where it is flowing; and how all things are connected. In this Medicine, we can transform things in a blink of an eye. We honour our gift to track and transmute energy, receive the Harmony Rites and more in weeks 9 and 10!

Finding your New Place in the Field of Creation/Spiraling Around the Cosmic Tree

Week 11

In our final class of our spiral journey, we’ll take a glance back over where we’ve been, you’ll receive an invitation to step into who you are becoming, receive a guided experience to connect with your newly expanded sense of personal purpose, power, and ability to be of service to the whole and so much more!



Is it your time to step in?

The long-term impact of trauma and chronic stress on our body, mind, and spirit is undeniable and the many modern methods you have created to help heal deep-seated dis-ease and disharmony are not dissolving them fast enough.


When we step into Shamanic time and lean into the medicine the Shamans have used for eons to dissolve trauma at the energetic level, we will intercept this insidious passing on to future lifetimes and to our descendants. We activate the original codes of our divine blueprint (created by our celestial parents in the cosmic centre), which changes our DNA; and changes how we live, how we heal, and how we will die.

Clearing and dissolving energetic imprints is a prerequisite for becoming a sovereign conscious co-creator with Gaia-Sophia. If you’ve awakened to this wisdom as your soul’s purpose for being here this time around, you know it’s imperative to remember how to shift your perspective at will and to heal the wounds of the past.

Are you in? Will you take the next step and learn how to clear and dissolve energetic imprints that have kept you from expressing your full sovereignty and original light? Will you develop the skills to embody your innate creative healing capacities?

COURSE FEE -  $897

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