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Impossible Perfection: Change In The Air

“On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty. Today is such a day.” Rumi

I’ve been contemplating the idea of perfection. Its a topic I seem to remember Plato also wrote about. He decided perfection was an unattainable ideal. That this human world could only approximate the perfect forms. Interesting idea; sacred geometry comes to mind. For sure no thing stays constant in this material world. Certainly not wind. Its nature is movement. And humans’ nature too, except when we’re not…

I imagine you have your own idea of what a perfectly beautiful day in your life might be, but today felt like a perfect kind of day here in Woody Point. The sun was shining, a slight breeze and white fluffy clouds a perfect backdrop for the boat parade. As darkness fell the night was clear and still, just perfect for the most gorgeous fireworks against the inky blue hills. In the small group gathered to watch from the deck of the Bonne Bay Inn, a feeling of anticipation was growing. Come Home Year celebrations were beginning on Tuesday, the New Moon. Auspicious timing.

Maybe because of this, I’m sensing its time to reveal what has been cooking in my pot for the last six months, for the last six years actually – two things I’m really excited about. The first is the writing of my story, the part of how I got ‘here’ from ‘there’. ‘Here’ being living in the most beautiful and magical place in the world (some days anyway), doing what I love and was born to do, co-creating with Nature, teaching Ancestral Wisdom and Earth-honoring traditions – a life I could not have imagined from ‘there’, which is not really a place, but a time I remember, everywhere and anywhere but ‘here’.

My story is many stories in one; a mythic tale of twists and turns, hidden valleys, blind curves and mountain vistas, comedy and tragedy, the mysterious and mundane. The work has been to sift through the messy and chaotic details, to put it in order, a task I imagine a little like Psyche‘s task of sorting seeds. The book is not anywhere ready for publication yet because I have some (confession time) actually a LOT of perfectionist and obsessive compulsive tendencies. There are several titles I’m playing with and the latest is “A Journey to the Soul of Nature”. In the next months I’ll be sharing more about the book. So you can watch for it.

The second big project soon to be ready to fly is a new High End Signature Program. It brings together the best of my learning and teaching of ancient shamanistic wisdom. It’s designed for spiritually mature Seekers of Truth who are ready to step into the next level of their soul’s journey. It’s for those called to a Deeper more Connected Life; to Bring their Greatest Value to the World Now. I’ll be sharing more about that new program in the coming weeks. See details of the first opportunity in this month’s newsletter.

2016 is the Year for Transformation, and boy, is it happening personally and collectively. HUGE learning curves, bringing us up against all our resistances and fears, the ways we get in our own way like nobody’s business. Or maybe it’s just me, and I’m imagining others are like me. I’m a double Taurus, which means both my Sun and Moon are in the most earthy, and unmutable, of all the astrological signs. It explains a lot, why I’m so resistant to change and can take my own sweet time getting things done and letting it be ‘good enough’. A case in point; how many revisions I did of this very post. It really does feel better to be moving, doing something, letting go and growing with the flow. Though I also know the in between times are necessary and somehow perfect too, though its harder for me to see it that way.

So the cat’s out of the bag, and here’s to change and maybe impossible perfection. In this moment it feels perfect. And maybe that’s as good as it gets!

Sending Blessings for Grounded and Sweet New Beginnings on this New Moon,

From the Rock,


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