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Sungazing at the Solstice

As always, I trust this finds you well and enjoying the warmth and blossoming time as we approach the fullness of Light and Energy at this weekend's Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere.

During tumultuous times of change like these, I find it enormously beneficial and reassuring to connect with the timeless rhythms of Nature. I especially love that each year, each season, each moon cycle gives me, and you too, an opportunity to begin again, to start anew with a fresh slate.

So I invite you to take time under the New Moon and Solar Eclipse to celebrate Light and another new beginning with time honored ceremony and ritual. You are always welcome at my Circle.

Solstice means 'stillpoint'. That's when the Sun appears to stand still for three days before reversing its journey southward once more. So people before us recognized the pause, the stillness of the Sun, taking time from everyday activities to celebrate its presence.  Is it any wonder there were so many sun cultures in the past? Our ancestors knew our Sun was the source of all life on Earth. With light and energy available to us (privileged ones at least) at the touch of a button, we easily forget just how dependent we are on the presence of Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight. There are so many mysteries that we take for granted and beliefs that need to be challenged. The thought that science can explain everything is one, and another that what we know gives us power over the natural world. These are not true. Yet, I feel if we did know the how of everything (which we don't), we would still be enthralled with the majesty, beauty and perfection of it all.  And it doesn't take much to remind us how dependent we are on Mother Nature and how disconnected from her we've become..

I hope you will take some time at this Solstice to pause and appreciate the miracle and gift of Light. Which we are in essence (and science confirms, LOL). And if you feel called, to try sungazing, an ancient practice  with enormous health benefits. It is basically sourcing your body directly from the Source of Life itself. Sungazing can be done safely during the first hour of sunrise and last hour before sunset. Sungazing At sunrise or sunset stand outside on the Earth in your bare feet facing the sun. Remove glasses or contacts and don't gaze through windows. You can also open your palms to the sun. Empty your mind and focus on your heart, breathing rhythmically. It is suggested to start with five minutes or even less, and build up to 30 minutes. On cloudy days they say you can gaze at the position of the sun behind the clouds (which might be most days here in Newfoundland, LOL, so don't stop your Vitamin D supplements yet if that is the case. (SMILE)

Cancer New Moon A Water sign, Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, and this sign is like the Moon’s home turf. Cancer is associated with the Mother archetype. Emotions run deep at this time, so you may find yourself or others expressing feelings of vulnerability. Trust your intuition, which will be heightened now and if you can do nothing else, be kind. The Solar Eclipse will accelerate personal and social change, yet with many planets in retrograde, we are also urged to take the time to reflect deeply on what it is we value and truly desire. This Cancer New Moon is a perfect time for tending our nest and for nurturing ourselves, our home and family life. Yet we are also called to extend our sense of home and family wider, to embrace more of our human and the more than human families. To take personal responsibility for our bigger family and planetary home. This is the time for dreaming big, and also for practicing even greater levels of faith, hope and love for the new that is emerging now.  Time for Reflection at the Stillpoint I know I keep saying this every month, but truly it has never been more important to be conscious of what we seed into the quantum field of creation. By being conscious I mean noticing where your thoughts are and intentionally choosing to shift from what you don't want, to what you wish to manifest not only for yourself, but for our planetary family. Energy goes where attention goes. Reflect on your energy levels throughout the day, and where you are putting your attention. How much of your time is spent on energy draining activities and thoughts, and how much on energy generating, and uplifting activities? How can you make even a minor change in a positive direction?

Take your Place at the Circle And if you are called, I welcome you to celebrate the Solstice with me, and to plant your new intentions and dreams at this New Moon and Solar Eclipse portal. There is magnificent power in coming together to raise our vibrations and anchor those into the collective field from which everything new emerges. Together we will raise each up, higher and higher. We are the midwives at our own rebirth.

As we navigate the tumultuous times ahead, my prayer for you is that your heart will open even more wide to the Light, beauty and perfection you are, and to the magic and mystery of the Creation we share.

With deepest blessings on your sacred journey.



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