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Hitch your Wagon to a Star

As we move into the warmth and bloom of summer, I trust you and your loved ones are well and healthy and finding new harmony and rhythms in the midst of uncertainty and change. And once again I'm writing to invite you to join me at the Fire under the Capricorn Full Moon this coming Sunday.

There is a strong dynamic energy at this transition time, with the promise of renewal and regeneration if we are able to navigate it with intention and care. It is a very good time for communication and discovery, for resolving relationship issues and making positive changes.

This Moon will showcase the final of a set of three eclipses. We have come through an energetic birth canal which will have highlighted our personal evolutionary potentials. Paying attention to what is happening within will help you to use these opportunities for your personal growth.

What was up for you a month ago at the June Full Moon?

What shifts have you noticed since then?  

How has that situation or issue evolved to now?

What further actions can you take to improve or resolve it?

The Capricorn Moon

Full moons are always culminations as the moon cycle reaches its fullness and shines a light on what we have manifested. Capricorn is about karma, knowledge, authority, the practical things in life that require our attention and action, like work and security.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, at this Moon we may become aware of how we misuse our power, or conversely, when we don't claim what is rightfully ours. We will be called to let go of outmoded beliefs, patterns and habits in our lives.

It's a good time to notice the limiting beliefs and illusions we are clinging to, where we can give ourselves more slack, and also what areas of our life need more discipline and boundaries.

As Kenny Rogers sang, "You gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run." That song dates me right? LOL

At the collective level, we will likely continue to see the de-construction of the old order that began in earnest in January of this year. The strong initiatory energy is still afoot. It shows up as conflict and polarization into extremes, so this is a time to hold the highest possible frequencies of love, gratitude and freedom for self, and for others. 

A Practice for Polarized Times

In the coming days it will be extremely helpful to practice being conscious of our own vibration, and to practice extreme self-care. Meditation, slow time in nature, nutritious food, and sea salt and lavender baths are essential for me. When life takes you off balance, do whatever you need to bring yourself back to a state of calm neutrality. Understanding how to use and manage our energy is of utmost importance now.

It truly is a gift to another to allow them to have their own experience, to witness without judging or jumping in to try and fix or rescue. It also is not always easy to take that neutral middle stance, especially with those we love. That's why it's called "a practice"(smile).

Gifts of the Goddess

This Moon brings some potent feminine magic and fertile potential. Our Sun will be aligned with several Feminine celestial bodies, including Sirius. This star is associated with the Egyptian Isis, Goddess of Renewal.

So maybe you will be called to do some star-gazing, and to make a wish under this full moon!  Hint: Sirius is the brightest star in the heavens and can be seen low in the southeast sky at dawn in a direct line down from Orion's Belt.

(To learn more about Sirius's ancient connection to Earth, join The Lion's Gate Activation Retreat here in Gros Morne, August 7. There are a few spots still open.)

Because of all the planets in retrograde, we are also encouraged to invest time in going inward, to dream, and tend to our personal growth and spiritual practice. We are creating our future lives with every thought, feeling and action.

So lets dream the best world we can. Lets dream BIG.

Your Invitation to Circle

So I invite you join me round the fire as we connect with the power and wisdom of Nature, and of the Heavens. I will guide us in a ritual to release the old patterns and habits that no longer serve us. We work with the Element of Fire, and within the sacred field if creation where all potential awaits our command. In ceremony we allow the fire to transmute the old so we can free what waits within us to emerge. The transformed energy is our gift back to the Earth, for the benefit of all our Relations and for future generations.

May the Capricorn Full Moon and Eclipse bring blessings of harmony, peace and new discovery. May you open to receive all the gifts of the Goddess as you take the time to nurture your inner regenerative fire, and activate Her promise of renewal.

I look forward to seeing you at the Fire. Alison


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