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Water Is Life. We Are Standing Rock.

At this time of tremendous instability, the Gemini Full Moon invites us to stand for the highest truth, to let go of whatever does not serve the new world that is being birthed right now, in and through each of us. Those mothers who have birthed babies know the pain of childbirth. This is it.

Lets help each other lift our eyes from the chaos and drama and see things from a spiritual perspective. The mainstream media is dominated by stories that feed our fear and confusion. We can attune to a bigger picture, the eternal truths that live within our hearts and bodies. The Universe and Nature loves us and wants us to prosper and live in harmony and beauty on this planet. We are here to awaken from the collective nightmare and remember we are nature, children of the great Earth Mother. The water, creatures and green growing things are our family, without whom we could not survive.

Standing Rock is bringing us together in unprecedented ways all over the planet. We know, and can see and feel the destructive effects of polluting the Earth for profit. When we harm the Great Mother, she cannot continue to care for us; we all suffer, The Cosmos is asking each of us – what do you intend to do about it?

We cannot depend on elected leaders to solve this for us. This much is clear. A higher authority is needed. We must each act from our sovereign authority. “The word authority begs the question, ‘who is the author of my story?‘ The word author means ‘one who makes or creates’. We can give away our power and let someone else write the future of our planet or we can take back control and become the authors of our own lives, of our collective destiny”. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, each of us has the power to be the change we want to see in the world.

This is where the rubber hits the road. What we are willing to give up to protect the planet for our children’s children? What limiting stories and beliefs are we holding onto, what are we afraid of? If we are concerned for the future, we have to find new ways of living that protect the environment and connect us with Nature, our own true nature and the very Earth that allows us to be here.

Are we willing to sacrifice our entitled way of life to stand up for the future? That is what the Stand Rock Sioux, Indigenous Tribes and many thousands of Water Protectors, Environmental Advocates, US Veterns and ordinary people like you and me all over this planet are doing right now. We can’t all be in North Dakota, but we can each help. Here’s a good article on ways to support Standing Rock.

This Full Moon Prayer Circle will be by donation for Standing Rock. You can donate directly to SRST here.

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