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A Profound Awakening

I'm sending blessings of Samhain from my home and from my Ancestors to yours. I trust you are well, and navigating these interesting and confusing times with a measure of grace and ease.

This week's Full Moon is a Blue Moon, which is what we call the second moon that falls in the same month. Blue Moons have traditionally been times of release and unraveling, yet the celestial lineup for this moon has a different flavor to it, as i talk more about below. It is exactly at the halfway point between Equinox and Solstice, celebrated around the world as Samhain, also known as Halloween. It is traditionally a time of honoring the Dead, the Ancestors, all those who, still living, have passed into the spirit realms.

The Bigger Picture We continue to be bombarded with the intensely activating and awakening energy from the Sun, (see the latest solar flare activity here). Multiple powerful astrological influences (Uranus, Mars and Mercury) are signaling the collective spiritual awakening, of Truth coming to Light.

This is evident in world events, but not often tracked or reported by mainstream media. We are being invited to keep our eyes wide open to all that is unfolding, of having our previously held beliefs and societal structures shattered, so something new can emerge.

You might be feeling this as conflict and negative thoughts about your relationships and your own life, confusion and anxiety about the future. It is easy to forget who you really are, and what you are doing here at this momentous time on Earth.

At the same time, as the veils between the physical and spirit worlds thin, your intuition and connection with the invisible realms is heightened. You can more easily tap into the support you have to release old limited 3D beliefs about separation and scarcity, to do some deep spiritual healing work. To play your role in co-creating a life of freedom, joyful connection with soul family, and love for the Earth and all her children. Her destiny is your destiny.

The Taurus Moon This Blue Moon is in Taurus, a stabilizing earth sign, ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and abundance. Our connection with the deep purposeful rhythms of nature is as close as our breath, and our bodies.

Taurus reminds us of the sustaining wisdom and power of Mother Earth, the Divine Mother incarnate who created you, and continues to create all aspects of the natural world. When you tap into HER infinite love and patience, you will remember how you are loved and supported by all the forces of creation.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don't go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and oen. Don't go back to sleep. (Rumi)

This is a moment of profound shift in collective human consciousness that you were born to experience and to participate in. You will forever remember this time when we all realized our divine origins and destiny, and how your fate is intertwined with all life on Earth. This is the point from which we will begin again to co-create a world of harmony, peace and reverence for all life.

Don't go back to sleep. Listen to what the wind and the rain have to tell you.

Healing and Connecting with your Ancestors

Regardless of your personal feelings about your known Ancestors, you are the result of all those who came before you. You carry their memories as your karma and express that in the world by your very presence. They endured and survived so that you can be here today. For that reason alone the wise ones tell us, it is important to honor them, knowing their healing is our healing. We are all connected each to the other.

There is always healing to be done for our Ancestors in the spirit realms. You can start with a simple acknowledgement and prayer. Know that it will be felt and ripple out back and forward along your Ancestral lineages. You may feel called to incorporate this into your daily prayers. (This comes from Daniel Foor.)

May all my Ancestors be happy and at peace.

May all my living family be happy and at peace.

May I be happy and at peace.

May all future generations receive only love and blessings from all our Ancestors.

Maymy Ancestors guide me on my path of destiny and purpose, and may I embody their love and wisdom for the benefit of all my relations. May all my Ancestors and living family be happy and at peace. And so it is.

May this Blue Moon in Taurus allow you to reconnect with the beauty and wisdom of your Great Mother, the Earth. May you find all the deep succor and nurturing you need and desire from all your Ancestors in all Realms: stone, plant and elemental, furred, fined and winged ones, two-legged and many legged. May you re-member yourself back into the whole Circle of Life, and feel how much you are loved, and know you belong here.


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