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Becoming a Luminous Warrior

Through these chaotic and uncertain times we are in the midst of an initiation of epic proportions - the passage of humanity into a New World Age. I'm reaching out to you today with a message to inspire and remind you that there are many ways to be a Warrior for Truth.

As we witness the protests and riots across the continent and around the globe, the cries for freedom, truth and justice, it is impossible not to feel our own emotions rising in response to what is happening. The power of anger, fear, grief - they take us into the deepest layers of who we are, of the wounds of the past that we carry, of what we know and value above all else.  The astrological influences now are highlighting dissatisfaction and discontent with the systems and beliefs that do not work. The tragic death of George Floyd is catalyzing collective awareness of systemic injustices that affect us in a myriad of ways, and that we are ready to change. What is unifying us now are the humanitarian values of compassion and justice, truth and transparency, and respect for all life.

The Opportunity of Eclipses Friday's Full Moon marks the beginning of a series of eclipses, what we call an eclipse portal. (There are four Eclipses this year, more than usual.) Eclipses intensify and compress cosmic energy, and serve to accelerate planetary evolution and consciousness. They act like an energetic birth canal. When we align our intentions with the energy of eclipses, we amplify their transformational potential.

We are midwifing at our own rebirth. We are in the transition phase now, between the old and the new worlds. We are like a baby being squeezed through the dark compression of the birth canal, with no idea of what awaits on the other side. Rising above the chaos, we can see that it is an ending, and also a beginning. it is scary and exciting at the same time.

We each have a role to play. It is so important to stay grounded into the soil of our lives, and do the work we are each called to do at this time. And I can reassure you that whatever is going on in your life, you are exactly where you need to be.  Clarifying our values, engaging in truth telling while nurturing and caring for our loved ones and acting on our inner guidance, is all part of the Great Work we are doing together..

The Sagittarius Moon

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Sagittarius is the Trailblazer. It is a fire sign, and calls to the part of our soul that loves adventure, and that answered the call to be here on Earth at this exciting time. Sagittarius  invites us to explore and expand our horizons, to stand for freedom and equity for all. If we let it, Sagittarius will show us the way to a whole New World. 

This Full Moon offers the invitation to let the power and clarity of our feelings lead us in the direction we need to go. It will shed light on what is flawed and problematic- the limiting beliefs we hold, our perceived lacks, the ineffective ways we express ourselves - all that is not working. These issues will be up for us to see more clearly, and to resolve, so we can move on.

A potent time for transformation

This is not a time to waffle, it is a time to be a warrior for truth, and we don't have to take to the streets for this. Doing our personal inner work takes courage, strength and the commitment to continue to look within at the uncomfortable feelings and resistances to change that are arising.

And I will remind you (and myself, LOL) that this is what you came to do, what you chose to incarnate at this very time on the Earth.

In my shamanic tradition, this inner work is the work of the West,  We call upon the archetypal energy of Jaguar, the one who knows the way beyond death, and to Rebirth. The West direction of the Medicine Wheel holds the Force of Creation that is the keeper of the great mystery, the dark shadows, and of the wild. Jaguar holds the energy of transformation, is an alchemist who can help us turn the base metals of our life into pure gold.

A Full Moon Ritual

At this Full Moon, I invite you to invoke the spirit of Jaguar to assist you in a healing ritual. Find a comfortable place you can relax and won't be disturbed. Light a candle. Allow yourself to feel what has been rising to the surface of your awareness. Invite those emotions and also your thoughts about them. Invite everything you've been pushing away because it wasn't the right time, or they were too uncomfortable and threatening, or you didn't feel safe. Be your own sacred witness. Sit with whatever arises without censoring, without judgement. Breathe. Observe what is there for you as it reveals its truth and mystery in all its fullness. When you feel ready, use your breath to infuse the energy of all you are witnessing into a toothpick or tightly rolled piece of paper, and then place that into the fire. As you watch it burn, feel the spaciousness this letting go creates within you. Breath into this new space. Allow the light of the fire to fill you with its radiant golden light. This is the essence of who you truly are. We will do this work together in Circle on Friday where we hold space for each other and invoke the spirit of Jaguar for our personal and collective healing. if you feel called, I would love for you to be there.

May the Sagittarius Full Moon bring blessings of freedom from the past, strength, courage and a renewed sense of adventure to rise above the chaos as we blaze new trails together in the days to come.



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