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Honoring our Losses and Endings

Springtime greetings, as I trust that you are well. Many now are feeling the effects and strain of the lockdown and continuing uncertainty. The repercussions are rippling out across the planet in deeply disturbing ways. We can feel it in our bones, and in our hearts, and so it is ever more important now to take care of ourselves.

Change and Loss

During this pandemic lockdown, we have been forced to let go of all kinds of things -  expectations, hopes, dreams, freedoms, jobs, income, plans, even loved ones. Many of the things we took for granted are suddenly luxuries, or no longer possible, and we do not yet know what will take its place. We are still in that transition space, and so much has changed. We have lost some more innocence, even more of the sense that we had some control over our lives. Some of these losses will never be recovered, and need to be honored.

At times of crisis and loss like this, our Ancestors gathered together, instinctively creating acts of ritual to connect with each other, and with that something greater. We are blessed to have the technology to do this in virtual space, to participate and receive the healing benefits of ritual and ceremony. 

A Lightening of the Energy

This moon is bringing a welcome change from the heaviness of the past few months. We are invited to relax into the support of our watery Feminine nature, to tap into deep wells of spiritual nourishment, to trust our own instinctual knowing. It is our spiritual connections with something greater that will sustain and support us through this crisis, that can nourish our souls, bring meaning and perspective to our experience. That's what I have learned from following this path, and why I continue to walk it, and to share it with you. So I invite you to join me this week under the Scorpio Full Moon for a transformational fire ceremony, to connect with community and the Spirit of Life, and for spiritual renewal.

Scorpio Moon The keynotes of this full moon are spiritual healing, communication of deep feelings and compassion. Scorpio is all about the necessary deaths, moving fearlessly through the darkest truths. So this full moon in Scorpio is a perfect time to honor the deaths we have lived through thus far, both the large and small losses. The ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto which bring powerful energy for transformation and renewal.There is also a great deal of water element at this moon, so you may feel especially sensitive and emotional. Your psychic and intuitive knowing as well as your imagination will be heightened, and you may experience more intense dreams and creativity. Expressing yourself in healthy and productive ways will be the key. Any efforts you make to understand others, as well as to be understood by those most important to you, will pay big dividends now. Compassion will go a long way, and great healing can occur within yourself, and in your most significant relationships. And in the face of confusion and conflict, if you can do nothing else, be kind.

Join the Circle

I invite you to join me around the fire for a virtual fire ceremony to release what is coming up and no longer serving who you are becoming. Full moons are healing moons, and traditionally a time to gather around a fire to cleanse and renew ones energy through the light of the flames, a ritual that is at the very heart of alchemy and transformation.

Attendance is free. DONATIONS from your heart that you feel called to offer are welcome and very appreciated. Make your donations here: or you can make an e-transfer to You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: May 7, 2020 08:00 PM Newfoundland and Labrador Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you are not able to join me, I invite you to create your own Cleansing Ritual. Click here for my Top 5 Shamanic Cleansing Tools. May the Scorpio Moon bring you spiritual transformation and renewal, better relationships with those you love, and deeper compassion for yourself, for others, and for all our Relations, Alison


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