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How We Lost Our Dreams

My own spiritual awakening and initiation into the feminine mysteries began with dreams. My dreamlife has been a constant source of inspiration, mystery and magic, teasing, tempting and guiding me down paths I couldn't have imagined, a continuing journey. I tell the story in my book, Return to Pangaea. (You get the first chapter FREE when you subscribe to my mailing list.) The benefits that come when you begin to pay attention to your dreams are exponential and deeply transformational.

Are you being called?

Whether you are dreaming regularly, or not, you have a sense that your nighttime dreams are significant, that they are bringing something relevant and important to your life, and maybe even to the world. Your instinct tells you this. Yet you don't know what to do with your dreams, and you'd love to be able to confidently decode their meaning for your life.  

Your intuition is right. There is something bigger happening through your dreams, a greater story unfolding, and you are part of it. Dreams are always in service to your healing and greatest potential. The dreams speak directly to your heart and soul, using the language of metaphor and image. Decoding those symbols and integrating their messages is the art of dreamwork.

I ask you this: What if your dreams are a call into a deeper personal relationship with the Source of dreaming, with the Soul of Nature herself?

The great forgetting

The connection between dreaming and the feminine spirit of the Earth is ancient wisdom. However, modern life with its focus on the outer material world distracts us from our rich inner landscapes and our soul's callings. We’ve become disconnected from our feminine wisdom which contains the larger truth about who we are, and about the purpose and meaning of our lives.  

That's why so many of us feel disconnected from each other, our ancestral roots, and even parts of ourselves. These losses contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness. As we have become increasingly separated from Nature, we are also estranged from our own ancient spiritual and mythical nature, which reveals itself through our dreams.

A brief history of dreaming, and how we lost our dreams

Dreaming is an essential part of the human story. You could even say it defines who we are. Dreaming helped our ancestors survive and allowed humanity to evolve so we could be here today. Dreams have shaped world events, scientific discoveries and creative endeavors in every field of human activity.

Throughout our history we humans have experienced the power and gifts of dreaming - healing, divination, inspiration, prophecy, guidance, a sense of purpose and belonging, magic and connection. These have helped us grow into our potential, and remind us that we have the support of unseen realms on this human journey.

That history also brought terrible and brutal persecution, destruction of life and culture and displacement from ancestral lands. We hold a collective memory and the trauma of thousands of years of violent attempts to erase ancient wisdom about dreams, and so we carry the pain of loss and fear of our dreaming knowledge, and our other feminine gifts.  

Given the lack of societal support for dreaming still, it is no wonder we tend to dismiss and devalue our dreams (and our other things feminine). Fear and resistance shuts down our dreaming channel, cutting us off from a natural and powerful source of guidance, inspiration and healing

A critical threshold and choice We stand at a crucial threshold in our evolution. The future of the planet and its quality of life for our descendants depends on the choices we make now. The living spirit of the Earth, known by many names - Gaia, Sophia, Pachamama - is calling us to remember and reclaim our dreaming power and wisdom. To become co-creators with her and all her beings.

That's why so many of us are receiving dreams, and know there is something there for us and for our lives, that's important to know and remember. There is so much untapped potential within us that we cannot yet even imagine.

Again, I invite you to consider the possibility that SHE is knocking at the door of your heart through your dreams, hoping you will answer.

Longing connects you to Gaia The sacred feminine is awakening and rising within each of us. We can feel it in our deep soul longings, in our desires, reminding us that this too is part of our feminine nature and legacy. Longing is a force that brought you into this world and from which you have created your life. This force is always at play, pulling all potential towards it. The source of all manifest life is the dreaming heart of Gaia.

In the course you learn how to connect with that force. Here's a simple but powerful exercise that demonstrates what can happen when you own and act upon your soul's longing. Ask yourself:

Why do I long to dream? What quality do dreams put me in touch with? Do they remind me of a time in my life when I felt more connected? Do they give me something I feel is missing? What is the greatest longing I have in my life right now?  Next, (and this is most important step) find or create an object that symbolizes this longing and place it in a special place in your home. Write down any dreams and synchronisities that happen after you do this.

Lean in and listen deeply The fact that you are reading this message tells me you are feeling the call to go deeper into conversation with the Sacred Feminine as she reveals herself through your dreams. Your body already knows that this is true. Take a moment to listen and feel for the YES in your body that tells you that this is the right and perfect time for you. Your body doesn't lie.

Inside the supportive community of my dreaming course, you will receive all the tools you need to open your connection to the source of your dreams and longings, to call them back to you, to unpack your dream messages and claim their healing medicine. Message me to find out when the next course is starting.

Til then, may your dreams be rich and fruitful.



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