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What Dreams May Come?

My own spiritual awakening and initiation into the feminine mysteries began with dreams. My dreamlife has been a constant source of inspiration, mystery and magic, teasing, tempting and guiding me down paths I couldn't have imagined, a continuing journey. I tell the story in my book, Return to Pangaea, You can also listen to my interview about dreaming with Dr. Sharon Martin on Transformation Talk Radio here. The benefits that come when you begin to pay attention to your dreams are exponential and deeply transformational. That's why I created a course to give people the tools to get the most from their dreams. You can check it out on my website at Whether you are dreaming regularly, or not, you no doubt have a sense that your nighttime dreams are significant, that they are bringing something relevant and important to your life, and maybe even to the world. Your instinct tells you this. Yet you may not know what to do with your dreams, and you'd love to be able to confidently decode their meaning for your life.

Your intuition is right. There is something bigger happening through your dreams, a greater story unfolding, and you are part of it. Dreams are always in service to your healing and greatest potential. The dreams speak directly to your heart and soul, using the language of metaphor and image. Decoding those symbols and integrating their messages is the art of dreamwork.

I ask you this: What if your dreams are a call into a deeper personal relationship with the Source of dreaming, with the Soul of Nature herself?

And when you open yourself to that possibility, your life will change. And I say, that path will lead you home in a way you may never have imagined.


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