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A Good Death

As your stories about dragonflies trickle back to me, the feeling of something new afoot is strong. Dragonflies are symbols of change, transformation, and self-realization.

This is the season of death, when Nature shows us the beauty and grace with which we can approach dying, of the enlightenment that is possible even as we approach the end of our lives. Will Ashe Bacon says "its up to us to send our dead along the ancient pathways to the future." That is the opportunity and the promise of a conscious death. To die knowing you more than a physical body, that you can maintain consciousness through the process of death and beyond.

It is up to each of us to discover what makes our soul sing, and to devote our lives to it, so that we can come to the end of this one precious life without regrets. Yet many come to the end of life with unfinished business, with unresolved issues, feeling scared and not ready to die. it doesn't have to be that way. There is so much ancient wisdom that shows the way to die with grace and peace. A good death is one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves and to others.

I discovered my calling to work with those who were dying after i began my shamanic path. Dying consciously is at the core of ancient spiritual teachings. When you realize our true nature as spiritual beings of light, the end of our human life is simply a portal into the next stage of our mythic journey back home.

If playing a role in that most sacred of tasks speaks to your heart, you are awake and ready to take the next step. And yet these quiet knocks also activate fears of becoming more visible and expressing your deepest truth, and the doubt in your mind about your ability to do what is needed--all of which you’ve kept suppressed, perhaps for lifetimes, at a cost.

This is what I've learned and feel called to tell you today. Often we doubt our callings because it is not acknowledged by our culture or families as important work. But I think the bigger issue is that our deepest and most profound gifts are often so natural to us that we don't realize how extraordinary a gift it is. Standing at the portal of death is one of those most profound and sacred of roles. Our cultural denial and fear of death contributes to the conflict and discomfort we all feel, and that often surrounds the death bed. Ancient spiritual wisdom is set in contrast to the western medical perspective. This is why you can feel torn between, on the one hand, the truth of your inner knowing and caring, and your desire to be of service, and the other hand, your inability to act on your knowings and desires in a culture that does not validate those truths. These are the worlds we all are called to bridge now, and need support to do so. The death and dying Practitioner Training is designed to reconcile these conflicts and divides. You will learn, step by step, how to bridge the worlds of matter and spirit, of western medicine and eastern esoteric teachings. There is a growing need for Health and Healing Practitioners who are skilled and ready now to step into this work in their communities and workplaces. This training is also an activation. As you experience these ancient processes for yourself, and travel the ancient pathways, your body will remember. Past participants speak over and over, about the fears that dissipate, leaving a sense of freedom, peace and spaciousness that is profound and life-changing.

And a good, peaceful death is the priceless gift you give yourself and others for whom you have the opportunity to be of service in making their transition back to the world of spirit. With your help they will do this peacefully, full of light.

Reminding you that you are extraordinary and your soul's calling is deep and true, Alison


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