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A Winter Solstice Message

At this most magical time of the year, we stand at the threshold of a new solar cycle and a new decade. Tis the season to celebrate Light and the Love that keeps on giving, creating and sustaining all of Life. May we find the collective vision and strength to navigate the path  forward with grace and wisdom. At the beginning of a new cycle we are naturally drawn to reflect on who and what we hold most dear, and to renew our commitment to life and to the journey ahead.  I wish for you time for solitude and stillness to reflect and connect with your inner Light. Our Ancestors marked the Longest Night and the 12 days of Yule with ceremony and celebration. They gathered around fires, feasted, and also spent time in prayer, silence and reverence. May you find your own way to connect with the sacred and find nourishment there. In whatever way you choose to spend this time of turning, my Solstice prayer for you is that it bring you much peace, love and happiness. I pray that the eternal light within warm your heart and light your path forward, give you strength and courage to be your best and whole self in the world.

I wish you light on your journey, that you remember more of who you are, see clearly and with discernment in the days ahead. I wish you peace in your heart, and for all our relations. Thank you for joining with me to bring more Light into the world. I honor you for all you do to be Light and to radiate Light. I  look forward to connecting with you and supporting your sacred journey in 2020 and beyond. Wishing you a Blessed Yule and Winter Solstice, Alison


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