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Activating New Potentials

I trust you are well and healthy, and in these chaotic and uncertain times finding ways to deepen your connection with what and who you love, and to dream of a better world to come. 

This New Moon poses the question - What do we want to leave behind, and what shall we bring forward to inform the new? What do we want to create that is different and better?

We are undergoing a major RESET in consciousness on the planet. We are posed on the edge between two worlds; the unsustainable, yet familiar and comfortable pre-pandemic world, and a new world that we will bring into being, that will emerge from the ashes of the old.

The old world is a mechanical and technological world fueled by egocentric desires for power over others. It operates on secrecy using smoke and mirror like methods to deceive, confuse and distract ourselves from the truth. It is critical now to stay fully awake, conscious and discerning.

I suspect you are one who, like me, is called to reconnecting with the living spirit of the Earth, and to create a new world from a place of love and reverence for all of life. We need to tap into HER now, and the feminine wisdom that lives in our bodies, hearts and souls. We need to trust the wisdom of the million year old human that lives within, that we carry in our DNA.

We knew things could not continue the way they were. We were asking for change. And here it is. Change is inevitable; cosmic forces are set in motion, and this is an opportunity to connect with the activating codes of light coming from the central sun, and upgrade our lives. The truth we can all feel is that a New Beginning is on the horizon. This New Moon is a stepping stone on the way forward that will emerge with every step we take.

The Taurus New Moon

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, and beauty.  Venus is a hot passionate planet. Taurus energy is about slow, methodical building, so while we can plant our seeds, fuel them with our passions and water them with our tears, we also need to be patient and ensure that we tend their progress day by day. Especially at the beginning, and until they have good roots and healthy leaves to sustain their growth.

We need to hold the vision of a humanity united in love of this Earth, co-creating beauty and harmony with all our Relations. We are building towards a critical mass of consciousness during this incubation time, reaching closer to that tipping point with every heartbeat of love and connection to our Great Mother.

You can trust your inner truth, your intuitive and instinctual knowing to navigate in these crazy times by allowing your heart to guide you.

The Universe is awaiting our instructions about what the new world will look like, feel like, be like. It's up to us to plant the seeds of that new world, to water and tend them. That's why we are here. That is our true work.

A New Moon Ritual

Take the time this New Moon to create a sacred space and hold an intention for the life you wish to lead, one that will be of most benefit to you and to the whole. Step out of your present situation for a moment and ask yourself, what can I become?  What do I long for?  And feel into it, allow yourself to imagine, to dream, no matter how far out or unrealistic it seems. Blow that intention into a stone or crystal and leave in your sacred space.

You don't need to know how it will happen, just trust that you have connected with a future potential, and that the Universe will draw you towards that potential, and show you the next step. Then pay attention to synchronisities and to your day and night dreams, and take it one small step at a time.

Facing Your Fears

New Moons as the darkest times that call us to sit with our shadows, our deepest fears. Again, in your sacred space, ask what's beneath the anxiety, doubts and insecurity that challenge or block your dreaming of a better life, a better world.  Notice where and how fear lives in your body, and breathe into the discomfort and constriction. You might also write about your fears. Acknowledging and understanding your fears loosens their grip.

Most of all, remember that you are not alone in this great work of personal and global transformation. We are all in this together. We are connected in the dreamtime, the spiritual world beyond this physical one. The New Moon is also Earth Day! So I invite you join me under the Taurus New Moon to plant your dreams and visions for the new Earth you want to create and leave to future generations. This is why you choose to incarnate at this time, to be part of this great shift of consciousness, to bring your unique gifts to the table. We will come together in time honored ceremony to connect with Grandmother Moon and all that is sacred. We honor the sacred within ourselves and in all of life, and recognize and own our power to dream a new world into being. A Special Earth Day Gathering

This will be a special gathering where many in our community will be offering praise, prayers and blessings for Gaia and for all of our Relations. New Moons are the time to plant the seeds of our prayers in the sacred field of creation where all potential resides. May the New Moon bring many blessings of Love, Hope, Beauty and Bigger and Better Dreaming today and in the days to come. I invite you to join me. Alison


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