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Finding Truth in the Dark

I trust you and your loved ones are well and healthy, and in these uncertain times that you are finding ways to clarify and deepen your connection with what and who you love, and to dream of a better world to come. 

The New Moon is the time for turning inward, and for planting new seeds in the dark womb of creation. If you are lucky, you may already be doing a lot of reflection and inner work during the past two months of isolation, and perhaps feel so done with it. Like, enough already! I hear you. It's fruitful work, but certainly not easy.

Hopefully, you also have gained some clarity about the changes you are ready to bring into being during the coming new lunar cycle. Whatever your experience of this enforced downtime, I've found that life gives what is needed, but not necessarily what is wanted, LOL!

My teacher Alberto Villoldo tells the story of how one day he asked his Andean teacher for advice about a big life decision he had to make. Which should I choose, he asked. His teacher replied, "Which one will grow corn? Which choice will grow corn big and strong enough to feed you, and your village too?"

This is the critical question for each of us now. We are being invited by the Covid-19 virus to think bigger, and to expand our energy bubbles (if not physical bubbles) to encompass our global village. Which of our many potential choices will best nourish our own selves, as well as all of our Relations? 

The astrological influences at this time suggest we may be reaching the peak of the world-wide pandemic and are readying now for recovery and rebuilding. It is so important that we get clear on what we value and what we want for ourselves and for the planet.

This is not a time for business as usual, to get back to normal. It is a time for radical change.

This New Moon in Gemini is an invitation to that deeper conversation, with each other, with our communities, with our governments, and with your higher self, God, Source, Spirit, however you understand that greater power. What is my personal part in this global shift? What role am I called to play?

The Gemini Moon

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is the Messenger. It seeks to understand and communicate, loving to play with ideas and words. It is an Air sign and at its best, Gemini helps us clarity and articulate our highest truth. It encourages us to strive for deep wisdom that is in alignment with our heart's knowing, and to translate that into right action in the world.

At this New Moon, we will have the opportunity to sift through layers of information and noise, to separate out what is true for us and what is not. This will require going fearlessly into the confusion and chaos of our minds, and using our powers of intuition and instinct to navigate through the darkness and into the light. And to anchor that clarity with the peace of our soul.

Going Inward

However your life looks and feels to you now, you can ask "How can my life be better, how can I be and express more of my potential? What more is possible?  Allow your question to echo into the silence of your being, and notice what comes. It may come in an image, feeling, idea, or even in a dream. When you stay present and hold this question, the Universe will answer. Why? Unconditional love is the energy of creation and the Universe is here to support your growth and evolution. So open to noticing the synchronisities and listening for the messages that come out of the blue as you hold and contemplate your desire to know. You don't need to know how it will happen, just trust that the Universe feels your longing to know, and the answer will be drawn towards you, and will show you the  next step.

A New Moon Ritual

Take the time this New Moon to create a sacred space to hold your intention for the life you want to create, one that that reflects your greatest potential, capacities and gifts.  Your sacred space can be a shelf or area marked with a scarf or piece of cloth. Place on it an object to represent and hold the energy of your intention.

At New Moons, the forces of creation are awaiting instructions about what the new world will look like, feel like, be like. It's up to us to plant the seeds of that new world, to water and tend them so they grow tall and strong in the days to come. Most of all, remember that you are not alone in this great work of personal and global transformation. We are all in this together. We are connected in the dreamtime, the spiritual world beyond this physical one.

May the Gemini New Moon bring blessings of Clarity, Connection and Communion with the Source of Wisdom, Discernment and Truth today and in the days to come. I look forward to seeing you in the Circle and Dreaming Together, Alison


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