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The Gifts of the Coronavirus

We are being bombarded now with messages about the Coronavirus. For those of us who are sensitive the constant barrage can feel overwhelming and confusing. You wonder if you should worry, and what you should be doing in response. These are real concerns. I hope this message offers some clarity.

Since I know that you are, like me, a spiritually awakening being I remind you that the Universe is always supporting our highest potential in every case, without exception

I am blessed to be part of a global dreaming community. We meet regularly to share our dreams and to discern the messages and medicine that is coming through for the collective. The messages we received yesterday were clear and consistent and I want to share them with you.

There is medicine (healing energy) encoded within this message. I invite you to open your heart and mind to receive it.

This is what you are invited to remember and hold during the unknowable days ahead:

Things are not as they appear. We are experiencing a course correction, a re-structuring of the relationship, the dance between the  masculine and feminine consciousness that brought us here. This has to happen to divert our trajectory away from the self (ego driven) destructive course we were on.

An act of divine grace. We have received many warnings about this self-destructive possibility, and many potentials were seeded into our collective consciousness to avert it, but alas many of these did not bear fruit. Hence the need for this global crisis, this emergency. The scope of this spiritual/energetic intervention is beyond our conscious control or comprehension (a note for our rational thinking mind).

Something new is being birthed. There is something bigger unfolding and it is good. The power and wisdom of the Feminine is rising strongly now to heal the wounded masculine consciousness. The masculine is being re-calibrated so it can come into right relationship with the emerging New Feminine within the collective psyche of humanity.

Stay calm. Do not succumb to fear. Mother Earth, aka the Creatrix who dreamed us all into being, has us all in her very capable hands and heart. She knows what she is doing. Connect with her now. Slow down, walk, spend time in Nature.

Balance doing with being. Feel what you feel, trust your body’s wisdom. From a centered and grounded place, you can more easily disconnect from the collective story of chaos and fear. You will think more clearly, so you make good decisions about what is most important for yourself, your family and community.

Celebrate life, and let that become your constant prayer.  Find, hold, and cultivate through stillness and through motion, the vibration of love, gratitude and appreciation for all you have; for what is good, sweet and beautiful in your life. Be creative in your praying, let each breath, each step be a prayer. Be like the hummingbird, or the innocent babe, fully present, enraptured and in joy with life.

Love will keep us together. There is unimaginable love and support from the unseen realms available to us right now. We are encouraged to support each other, ask for help, trust what shows up. Ask, is this coming from LOVE or FEAR? And play the part you feel called to play in this great orchestra of life. All is well. Aho!

Back to your call to dreaming…

I am here reminding you that dreaming is a core and defining aspect of your feminine consciousness. It is one of the channels through which the Divine, and Gaia herself, communicates with you, through you and as you. It is a key to your evolution, to who you are becoming. And because we are all one, to the future of humanity. No pressure there, right?! LOL

This is the great opportunity within any crisis, personal or global. If you let them, your dreams will usher us all into a whole new world. Not the one we have, the one we are consciously dreaming into being with Gaia, the living spirit of the Earth.

Dreamwork strengthens your feminine wisdom and power

Your feminine gifts (whether you are anatomically male or female) include (and are definitely not limited to) your instinctual feeling nature, your intuition and imagination. Your longings are how your unique creative potential tugs you forward.

If you didn't yet, you might want to read my last post where I talk about how your longings connect you to Gaia/Sophia, whose passion for her creation, the human, caused her to fall from the heavens, it was that powerful!)

In my dreaming course you will learn to use your feminine gifts of instinct, intuition and imagination to decode the metaphorical and symbolic language of your dreams. For example, a symbol in your dream will have a collective archetypal meaning, but more importantly, it will also have a deeply personal significance to you and your life.

That’s why dream dictionaries have limited usefulness, and can leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied when it comes to understanding and receiving the full benefit of your dreams.

Your body is the portal to your dreaming

Western science thinks that our dreams are the products of our minds. And nothing can be further from the truth. It is our feeling instinctual bodies that hold the keys to our dreaming capacity and knowledge.

Feeling is knowing. Inside each of us are at least 7 billion years of evolutionary history on this Earth. Our rational, thinking minds are a very recent development. We’ve become over-reliant on logic, and it’s time to invite back the mystery, and our full embodied wise presence, and let them lead us into the dreamtime.

That’s why tapping into the wisdom of the soma, the body, is essential in dreamwork. Our bodies connect us to the divine wisdom of the Earth, our Mother, mater. Dreams are the voice of Nature, calling us home to a personal and direct source of guidance, inspiration and healing for our lives.

In the course you will learn how to tune into a wider range of information that comes from the multi-faceted intelligence of the body, and from the unconscious. It comes through physical sensations, instinctual knowing, memories, body language, and awareness of what is not being expressed. That's the art of dreamwork.

Thank you Coronavirus?

In the realm of spirit, there are no accidents. In the larger perspective (of eagle vision), the Coronavirus is not only giving us an opportunity to witness our worst fears and to rise above them with concerted cooperative action, to change our collective course, it is also offering us through the shutdown and suspension of ‘regular life’, a PERSONAL PAUSE and reset.

For many of us, this can be a gift of time to re-evaluate our priorities, what we value most, and what our soul is calling us towards. This is a perfect time and opportunity to turn inward, to focus on your rich inner dreamscapes.

In an age of cellphones and internet, the preventative strategy of ‘social distancing’ , and more so, our reaction to it, serves to remind us of the truth of our interconnections in the web of life. And that's where your dreamtime, and what you learn in this course will also take you. To a deeper spiritual connection with all of life.

When I responded to the call to create this course on Dreaming, I could not have imagined the circumstances that make this such a timely offering. But such is the wisdom and power of the Feminine Spirit at work in my life, and in yours.

Gaia/Sophia is tapping on the doors of your mind and heart, inviting you into a deeper connection with Her. CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION through LOVE is her only agenda. She has always known your creative potential. She built it into your hardware, so to speak!

A process to open your dreaming channel Whether you are receiving dreams regularly, or not, I am imagining that as your inner feminine rises with the rise of feminine wisdom and power in our collective consciousness, you are feeling a desire (as curiosity or longing) to learn more, to deepen into the wisdom and medicine of your dreams.

If you are receiving dreams, or if you have lost your dreams temporarily, I'd like to offer you a way to reaffirm your commitment and desire, open your dreaming channel wide, and activate your feminine gifts.

Here’s a process that I share in the course, part of the 7 Steps to Calling Back Your Dreams protocol that we will use. This process can be done at any time, but is best done at night, after you have let go of the day, and you prepare to fall asleep.

Take a moment to connect with your heart’s desire and intention for re-connection. You are addressing that aspect of yourself that is always in contact with the Divine (your Higher Self, Soul, or however you understand that). Say it out loud for greatest effect.

“I am ready to reclaim my dreaming. I am ready to have all my feminine gifts and capacities reawakened and activated so I can be and express my full Divine potential in this lifetime. I open to receive the gifts of my dreams. I am ready to pay attention and to accept the help and support I need for this most important work. Thank you. And so it is.”

Repeat this affirmation (or your own version) each night before you fall asleep. Keep a journal and a pen by your bed and get ready for the river to start to flow again. And it will. When we call, the Universe answers.

So much more...

In the course we weave this process together with myth, ritual and dreamwork practices designed to bring your feminine gifts and wisdom back on line. You receive a full kit of tips and tools that will change the way you approach and work with your dreams. You will find so much inspiration, guidance and healing gifts as you begin to receive your dream messages and bring their medicine into your waking life.

The voice of the feminine speaks softly, in quiet whispers. She speaks through your body, your dreams, deep inexplicable knowing, and through nature itself. Be still, she says, and know that I am. I called you forth from the divine mystery, and gave you form and substance and life. You are my beloved child, and you are remembering. 

Wow, if you are still reading, I know you are so ready to go deeper into the mystery and magic of your dreams. Message me to find out when the next dreaming course starts.

Until then, we will connect in the Dreamtime,



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