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Where is 'Pan' Leading You?

This "Pandemic" is challenging the very foundations upon which we have built our lives. You've got to love the connection with "Pan"', the Greek god of nature and regeneration. Pan is connected with secret mountains and is part goat. In many Earth-honoring cultures, Pan is part of Spring ceremonies. Pan is also connected with Capricorn, which is Latin for horned goat. And you might remember that Capricorn's influence began this year and decade of transformation. Pan has superpowers - strength, longevity, stamina and resistance to injury, powers we need to call upon during this time of crisis and opportunity. It is clear that the Universe is working through the Coronavirus to shift us into a different way of living. (If you haven’t read it yet, I share messages from the Dreamtime about the Coronavirus in another post\ There are gifts in this crisis, if we are ready to receive them. For sure now we can use the instinctual nature, stamina and agility of Pan and Goat to help us navigate in the rocky ground we find ourselves. In this message, I’d like to give you a dream circle experience, not exactly the same as being in a live circle, but a taste. And also to share with you a message that came from the Dreamtime just this week, one that gives a vision of what is happening now, and what is to come. A gift of the Dreamtime. Dreams have such import and significance for us now as we navigate in unfamiliar territory, places we have never been. Dreams make what is unconscious (unrecognized or unknown) conscious, using metaphor and symbol to show us what we need to know. Right now we need all the inspiration and guidance that is available to us. The dream is always in service to our highest potential. A dream circle experience Our ancestors, and dreaming cultures still, gather to share their dreams. to receive the guidance, inspiration and medicine with the community. In the spirit of revival and reclamation of these traditions, I’d like to offer one of my latest messages from the Dreamtime, hot off the press, so to speak. In the way of your indigenous soul, I invite you to lean in and listen deeply with not only your thinking mind, but also with your imaginal mind, and your intuitive feeling and sensing body. For brevity, this is a summary of the most relevant parts of the dream: ***In the dream I am leaving the house I’ve lived in, sorting through what I want to take with me. A real estate woman is waiting downstairs for me to vacate the property but I am taking my time with no sense of urgency. The house is dark and filled with stuff. Most of it I’m leaving behind or giving away, selecting only a few things I want to take with me.The old house is comfortable and spacious enough, but has serious foundation issues.

The new place where I find myself is like a solarium, made of all glass within a much larger structure also made of glass. It is filled with light. The smaller room is filled with trees about 6 or 7 feet tall, that are not yet sprouting, newly planted perhaps. With a large paint brush, I am painting the few accessible surfaces a pale turquoise green. I love the color; I’ve got some on my hands too. It feels like this is my work, yet it does not feel like work. I feel playful, free, and yet responsible for what I am doing. In the last part of the dream, I am with a man who I've been with a long time. He's lying on a couch. The room is dark and heavy. I feel tired from the effort. I know that I cannot continue as before; it’s time for change. ***

How, and in way ways does the dream speak to you?  What arises in your heart, and in your body when you feel into the liminal space of the dream?  What images, memories or experiences does it evoke? Allow yourself to explore and deepen into whatever arises. Take your time to receive the messages and medicine of the dream that connect with you. You can also invite the dream to continue its work with you over the coming days. Messages for the collective For me this dream speaks to the fact that collectively, we are so ready to shift from the old place. It's happening now. Fixing and repairing is no longer a choice. It was comfortable and served who we were, but will not serve who we are becoming, where we are going.

We have to decide now what to leave behind and what to take; what do we love and what will serve us going forward? It is time to trust our inner knowing and move on. We are ready. The new place is a collective space of light, freedom, spaciousness and clarity. We will source directly from the Light. (BTW, This time of Light flowing unobstructed from the Central Sun is also within the Mayan prophecies.) This will bring us in closer contact with the natural world, to our own true nature. We each have our own space in that new place. There is room for growth, play, freedom and creativity. Transparency is key. This new place requires a reorganizing of the masculine and feminine forces within our psyche and within the collective. A new empowered Feminine, and an emerging Masculine that will arise to meet her there. This is the shift of the ages we have been waiting for. Note: Your interpretation may be different from mine, and that’s okay. (And I'd love to hear what you get from the dream, feel free to share it with me!)  In a dream community, we honor the one who carried the dream from the dreamtime, yet understand that the dream speaks to each person who receives it uniquely.

That's the beauty and mystery of the dream. It contains multiple layers of meaning that reveal themselves in their own way, and time. They have personal meaning and medicine, and also collective significance, showing you how you contribute to the whole. In my dreaming course you will learn how to record and work with your nighttime dreams in way that allows them to reveal their deep messages and their personal relevance to your life so you can receive the most benefit from it. So all of us benefit too. How dreams transformed my life My dreaming channels got shut down in childhood, which happens to many of us because our families and culture do not yet know how to support the emergence and cultivation of the gift of dreaming, nor our other Feminine gifts. During my early adult years, I received dreams occasionally that mostly faded with the light of day. It was during a period of midlife spiritual awakening when things changed. It was a very full, busy time. I was completing a Ph.D., and on the edge of burnout, when my dream life accelerated and catapulted me into a whole new world. After 14 years at university developing my thinking, intellectual self, I knew I was out of balance. My emotional, spiritual being felt as it were dying from lack of nourishment. The single act of starting to record my dreams changed the trajectory of my life. I tell this story in Return to Pangaea. (You get the first chapter FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter.) It was in shaman school that I learned dreaming practices and delved into the non-ordinary realms of the dreamtime. This opened up the realization of a  new and different life that is richer, more satisfying and easier than I could ever have imagined at the beginning of the journey. I share this with you because I know that many of us are ready for this SHIFT, this newly emerging Feminine consciousness to blossom in your life. This is the opportunity of the Coronavirus Pandemic. To stop, and listen, to shift from DOING to BEING. It is a global call to shift into the Inner life of the Feminine, to cultivate our Feminine gifts, including our dreaming, and our connection with the invisible spirit world, the realm of the Feminine. We were not meant to do this work alone. Tending community is another unacknowledged gift of the Feminine. Women everywhere are the social organizers. We weave the threads of connection that connect us with each other, and with the more than human world. And this is especially true for spiritual community. More than ever, it is important for us dreamers to come together, support and further the work of the Dreamtime. To reclaim that work for ourselves, and for the planet. The next phase of our evolution is quantum. As the dream conveys, this next stage will catapult us all to a whole new level of consciousness. Each step you take towards cultivating your Feminine and dreaming gifts is your gift back to the creation. Where you focus your energy now will make all the difference. Where we are going next, we are going there together. In the meantime, may your dreamtime be rich and fruitful.



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